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Featured Natural (Sisterlocks): Batise

8 Jul

Batise has been natural for twelve years. She recently decided to make a change to her sisterlocks. Batise writes: Wanting to do something new and wild + blond highlights and shaved side=  funky new do : )

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Featured Natural: Nikki

7 Jul

Nikki writes:

Hi, My name is Nikki and I have been natural since Jan 2010. I don’t think I’ll ever go back!  I try to keep my regimen pretty simple.  I shampoo w/ Out of Africa Shea butter soap once every 2 weeks and co wash in between. Acv/honey rinse as needed.  I use Desert Essence Coconut conditioner as my co wash, rinse out and deep conditioner.  Leave in of choice is Kinky Curly Knot today then I seal w/ castor oil or my shea butter mix then twist. I’m still learning and enjoying every bit of it.

Thanks, Nikki for sharing.

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Product Review: Beurre Mousse from MissShe Body Cocktails

26 Jun

Description from MissShe’s site:

Shea, cocoa, mango, aloe and cupuacu butters with essential oils make up this drink delicacy for the skin, in your favorite cocktail fragrance. Also contains
emu, acai, chamomile, argan and a variety of exotic fruit and nut oils. Naturally aiding skin affected by eczema and psoriasis. Also with ant-aging and
antioxidant qualities.

5 Things I Like About Beurre Mousse:

  1. It’s lightweight but extremely moisturizing
  2. It’s available in more than great scents
  3. Available in sizes 1/2 oz to 8oz ($1.50-$20.00)
  4. Has a great whipped texture that makes it easy to use
  5. Great ingredients

I’ve tried several products from MissShe’s line, and this is definitely one of my favorites. MissShe has taken different butters and oils that are great for skin and combined them into one. There are so many awesome scents. Some of those scents include Lemonade Ice, Peppermint Schnapps, Pink Lady, Margarita, Green Apple Martini, and Vanilla Solstice. Some lotions have a great scent, but you can’t smell it on your skin after a few minutes. This does not work that way. It lingers on the skin without having a heavy perfume smell.

The 1/2 oz is only $1.50. It’s a great way to buy a few to try different scents and to test the product. They also make great additions to gift bags. One word of warning: DO NOT LEAVE IN THE CAR DURING WARM WEATHER. This is true of any product that is a whipped butter. If you leave it in the heat, it will melt. You want to keep it with that same texture.

Another warning is to keep these away from my family because they love them. You might lose yours. My aunt loved the citrus scent of the Gin & Juice mousse. My sister loved the fruity scent of the Tropical Punch.  My favorite are the Pink Lady and  Cosmopolitan. A friend of mine has the Lemonade Ice, and she can’t stop using it. I need to get that one because I love lemonade scents.

To try this product for yourself, visit MissShe Body Cocktails

Also, “like” MissShe Body Cocktails on Facebook to stay posted on sales and new items

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Featured Business: Natural Hair Calendars

14 Jun

Ayo, the owner of Natural Hair Calendars writes:

The Natural Hair Love Affair Calendar/Wall Planner is an original, beneficial tool to help you keep track of your Natural hair journey. For more flexibility, this Calendar is an undated 12-month Wall Calendar that starts whenever your hair journey begins. Each day, week and month that passes will become a visual sign of the progress you’ve made in your commitment to a natural hair lifestyle. Over 50 hair planning stickers are included to keep track of your hair care regimen!
•Space to display a photograph; record your hair length, hair type and hair milestones, each month.
•50+ hair calendar stickers to mark milestones such as “The Big Chop”, “First Nappiversary”, “Length Checks”, and many more.
•Beautifully inspiring quotes, hair recipes, and hairffirmations;
•Also included are interesting hairstory facts, a space for notes on your hair progress and more!
BONUS INSIDE- Natural Hair Resource Guide with tons of National & International natural

Thanks Ayo for sharing your business information. I won one of these calendars online, and I love it. You can start using it at anytime, and it provides an easy and fun way to track what’s going on with your hair. The stickers really enhance the entire thing. This makes a great gift for other naturals. Visit Natural Hair Calendars‘ website for more information about the calendar and other great products. Also, find them on Facebook.

Featured Natural (Locs): Tasha

25 May

Tasha of Naturaleza

It was October 2005. I had had enough of the relaxer and I needed a change. I transitioned with afro-kinky singles. About 6 months later I cut off the relaxer ends and wore my hair in cornrows and flat-twists.  Did wash n’ go but not many of those. The change came when I was finding it difficult to get to the salon to have my hair styled; and it was becoming quite frustrating. I had no idea that all this information existed in cyberspace; nor, do I believe I was truly mentally prepared for the change. So, I permed my hair again, a decision that I sorely regret but have had to let go to move on.


February 2010 was actually when I had my final perm. I felt so happy, it is indescribable. Could you imagine actually glowing through the whole thing? I had also planned in mind what transition styles I would have worn and when. I transitioned wearing my hair in afro-kinky twists, human hair micros and finally wool braids. In each style phase I accessorized to suit my outfit and the occasion. I made it work for me.

On Nov 2, 2011 I did my Big Chop and started my locs with two-strand twists. My hair was so short *Smile*. I tried not to let it get to me though but just looked forward to brighter days. I rocked it! LOL! I wore my big hoop earrings. I got more into make-up and accessories than ever before. I began doing me for…ME.

Now, seven months on and I love seeing my baby locs. I am not enjoying the fuzzy wuzzy periods, but when those feelings hit I look back at some of my old pics for inspiration. Or, go to some of my favourite blogs for encouragement.  It has been a process of hair change but also attitude and outlook change. I now do even more label reading, trying to purchase the best natural products for hair and skin as I can. I don’t always get 100% natural products, but I try.

Also, this time around, I am more confident going into this process. There is a certain doggedness I have about my decision to go natural. Of course, there were those who disagreed with this move, but I know it is for the better. I see it as a personal decision not something for everyone and everything to have a say. Know how I mean? But, I’ve gained more admirers and friends who support me through this journey so I’m blessed and thankful.

Not to mention, my life has taken on a whole new perspective in many ways, namely being a mum. And honestly, I want to be that maven she looks up to. When she looks at me, her mummy will have the same kind of hair she does, whether or not she decides to perm her hair or not, that will be her decision as an adult. But, I hope that my option will impact her positively.

From all the photos that I’ve seen, I have ideas on how I want to style my locs in the future: braid-outs, pin-ups with petals, curls and ponytails! Nice girlie stuff.

All in all, I don’t regret cutting my hair off and growing it the way I do now. There was always inside that desire, like something/someone yearning to be different and free of the burns, the breakage in the middle of my hair, the chemical relaxer. Yes, it was sleek and always tidy, never a strand out of place. But, time had come for change. It had not been an entirely easy path as I mentioned earlier. But, which journey that is worth taking is not met with kinks along the way?  :o)


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Featured Business: The Barefruit Co.

10 May

Tasha writes:

My name is Tasha Goss and I am the owner and creator of The Barefruit Co.
The Barefruit Co. is headquartered in Columbus, OH. We specialize in
organic hair care and skin care. What makes our collection unique is that
you are able to customize our products specifically for your hair and skin
type. We are cruelty free, organic and we don’t use harsh additives such
as sulfates, petroleum or mineral oils.

I started The Barefruit Co. back in 2009. I have been natural for almost 4
years and I must say that my journey has been the inspiration behind
starting my own collection. I have 4b-4a hair type (yes, in THAT order!)
and I had such a difficult time trying to find products that actually
worked for my hair. I began making the Coco Shea Hair Butter and from
there, the Hair Care collection was launched!

We started off at home parties. I would make a beezwax based body pomade
and give it way for free to the attendees. As the product matured, the
demand increased. We now have customers in the US and abroad and have
created customized products on a larger scale for large corporations to
hand out at their functions.

Find Barefruit online:

Barefruit’s website

Are You Making Changes to Your Hair for Spring/Summer?

25 Apr

Batise writes:

Sometimes we want to jazz it up a bit and I was feeling that way. I went to my stylist, Stef ( at Duafe), told her I wanted some color. She picked a color for me and gave me a braid set. I love braid sets because it’s two dos for the price of one! I wear the braids for a bit and then take it out for a crinkly cute look. The color and style were right on time and I felt ready for the Spring 😉 What changes are you making to add extra oomph for spring?

Color? New style? Are you making changes for spring?

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Stylish Blogger Award

6 Apr
Big thank you to Onyx Rose Online for giving me the “Stylish Blogger Award!” Please check out her blog. She has so many interesting articles.
To accept the award, you must follow these rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award
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3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
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7 Things:
  1. My birthday is in August.
  2. I’m 30 years old.
  3. I can’t listen to people with British accents talk for too long without using one myself.
  4. I’m a nerd.
  5. My favorite beverage is lemonade.
  6. I love Scattergories.
  7. Most of the people I know in real life don’t know that I have a blog.

I am presenting this award to:

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The Biggest Shower Caps Ever!!

4 Apr

There are a few moments in my natural hair years that have gotten me very excited. Doing my big chop, when my locs actually fully locked, doing my second big chop, being able to get my hair into a puff for the first time, and now…finding shower caps that actually fit my head!! Shower caps that I can fit even if I grow my hair for several more years to come.  I found…Celestial Crowns from Celestial Comforter.

For comparison purposes, I measured my old shower cap. It measures 11 inches across.

Celestial Crowns sells three different sizes:

Mini ($4-$10)- This is definitely not mini. It measures 14 inches across. This one is large enough for most ladies with loose natural hair. You’ll even have extra room.

Large ($7-$15)-This measures about 18 inches across.

Ex-Large ($10-$20)- This measures 21 inches across. It also has a set of snaps on the back to make it very secure.  This one is HUGE. It’s for those long locs or maybe a ridiculously gigantic afro.

Celestial Crowns offers several different designs for each size of their shower crowns. The prices vary for different prints. Each one has nice strong elastic. They are also very durable. One of these could last a long time. Big, strong, and affordable. I couldn’t ask for more.

To purchase your own, visit Celestial Comforter. (Click on Crowns on the left side). Use Promo Code: NATURAL to get 10% off.

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Featured Business: DIY Hair Care Products

31 Mar

This post is a part of Natural Hair CommUNITY Days

DIY Hair Care Products is a natural hair and skin care company that sells all natural quality products for an affordable price. We don’t believe that natural products have to cost a lot. We strive to help women with naturally curly hair become educated in what their hair needs and how to make it themselves, if they choose to. No one should feel like they have to pay high prices for great quality products, I didn’t and want to help others do the same.

We currently sell Whipped Hair and Body Butters, Moisturizing Hair and Body Lotion, Bulk Shea Butter, Ayurvedic Herbs and will soon be adding a Moisturizing Rinse Out Conditioner. All of our products are under $10 with a lot even under $5. We don’t charge more than we would pay, and I have never paid more than $10 for a hair care product.

Check out DIY Hair Care Products for great ingredients or inexpensive natural products. Find their links below:

Shop: HERE


Twitter: HERE

Enter the CODE: 25DIY at check out to receive 25% off of your whole order!