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Help a Fellow Natural

30 Jun

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 My name is Ngozi, and I currently reside in the UK where I moved to from the U.S. I have been natural for a year and a half now after two major big chops. I love a challenge, and being natural is doing that for me because it has taught me how to stay grounded when it comes to my hair, health, and my attitude towards life. My main goal as a natural is to learn more about my hair and what limits I set as to products and styling I expose my hair to. The health and adaptability of my hair has been my main focus throughout my journey. I write a blog documenting my natural hair journey and sharing my experiences with people. I love the response I get from ladies that are natural, and most especially those who are trying to go natural but need guidance. Currently I am contesting in a modeling competition organized by Next (A UK based retail clothing store) on Facebook to be their Model of the year. Voting is going on till July 9 and the top 100 most voted for will be picked to go into the finals. I hope to be one of the top 100 to show my versatility and the confidence that I have developed through the years. I need your combined support and effort to spread the word. Your appreciated vote will keep me in the top 100 and possibly the Next Model 2010. Here are pictures of my natural journey and please continue to support Natural Review. Please be sure to go vote for me as the Next Model 2010. Thanks!!!

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