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Featured Natural (Sisterlocks): Batise

8 Jul

Batise has been natural for twelve years. She recently decided to make a change to her sisterlocks. Batise writes: Wanting to do something new and wild + blond highlights and shaved side=  funky new do : )

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Featured Natural: Nikki

7 Jul

Nikki writes:

Hi, My name is Nikki and I have been natural since Jan 2010. I don’t think I’ll ever go back!  I try to keep my regimen pretty simple.  I shampoo w/ Out of Africa Shea butter soap once every 2 weeks and co wash in between. Acv/honey rinse as needed.  I use Desert Essence Coconut conditioner as my co wash, rinse out and deep conditioner.  Leave in of choice is Kinky Curly Knot today then I seal w/ castor oil or my shea butter mix then twist. I’m still learning and enjoying every bit of it.

Thanks, Nikki for sharing.

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Holiday Natural Hair Photos

7 Jan

Thanks to everyone who entered the Denman brush giveaway by submitting their Christmas and New Year’s Eve hairstyles. Check out the beautiful photos and find out who won at the end of this post.

LaNeshe of Nesheaholic

“My New Years Eve hair! Twist out done with whipped shea butter.”




Janelle (on the right)



“This was my hairdo for the company Xmas Party.”



“I chose this style it’s a hott look for me and I thought it fit my face!!”

Thanks to all of you who entered. I loved each style, but I could only pick on winner. The winner was chosen randomly on, and it is Laneshe!! Congratulations! I will email you for your contact information.


LINK: Kim Coles Goes Natural

3 Jan

We’ve all seen Kim Coles wearing her microbraids for years. She had them on “Living Single”.  She’s been natural for many years, but now she’s leaving the micros behind and wearing her natural texture. Check out her interview with Afrobella: HERE
Here are a few pictures of Kim Coles:



I thought she was beautiful before, but I really like her new hairstyle. It suits her very well. If you want to let her know what you think, she has a fan page on Facebook and she is on Twitter @kimcoles.

Photo source: Kim Coles fan page on FB

Natural Hair on Essence’s 40 Most Beautiful Covers

15 Nov

Essence recently compiled the 40 most beautiful covers in honor of their 40-year anniversary. Several of the covers featured locks, afros, braids, and other natural styles.  Here are some of the covers that were selected:

My favorites are #2 and #12. I love the style of the braids in the second one, and I have always thought Alek Wek (#12) and her short cut were beautiful. I hope there will be plenty more images of women with natural hair on upcoming Essence covers.

Photo source:

Style Spotlight: Twist-Out

2 Nov

Products used: Organic Root Stimulator Twist and Lock Cream

Products used: Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding

Products used: Cooling Twist and Lock gel and Organics Shea Butter Plus Moisturizer

A video from Keke52284 showing her twist-out on a TWA:

The SistahChick shows how she did her dry twist-out in this video:

TWA Special Occasion Looks

8 Sep

There are many simple and inexpensive ways to style/accessorize a TWA(Teeny Weeny Afro) for a special occasion. I asked this question online, and the most common responses involved accessorizing. 

Here are some of the responses:

  • I got corn rows on the sides and the rest coil twisted, the day before. The day of the event I gently untwisted them and added a decorative barrette to each side to match my jewelry.
  • Head bands with jewels or headband with bling
  • I moisturize it really good, and use a nice headband, or piece of hair jewelry. I really love the feathered headbands for special occasions
  • I like to use flowers

One of the ladies mentioned feathered headbands. Check out The Fascinator by Bluju Creations (You can view a post on Bluju Creations HERE ). These are handmade and come in different colors.

If you are looking for hair accessories under $10, Forever 21 is a good place to look.  These photos came from their online shop:

TWA Pics:





Please add in the comments section any additional ideas for styling a TWA for special occassions. Thanks to Netra, Jeralyn, and Katherine for sending in your photos! Thanks to the ladies who left styling ideas!

If you have photos, tips, or styles that you would like to show on NaturalReview, please send them to me at


Featured Natural: Shanda/ Miz PurpleRain

6 Sep

Shanda writes:

As of December , it will be two years of being natural. I’m loving it. I like to call myself Mz. PurpleRain in this picture, lol. Now, what I used to get this style was “ Smooth n Shine” Polishing curl activator gel with a denman brush. My hair was dry when I did it. I loved the end result, but I didn’t love the flakes that came from the gel.  I’ve heard of Pink eco styler gel. I brought a bottle the other day.

More photos of Shanda:

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Protective Style: Cornrows with a Side Ponytail

30 Aug

Brenesha writes:

I wanted to share my cornrow style.  I bought hair to add to the cornrows, but ended up getting the wrong kind of hair.  I was disappointed, but my stylist assured I would still like the style.  I have been transitioning for 6 months now.  The last time I got cornrows with added hair, my hair was so tangled.  I think this was a blessing in disguise because I really didn’t want to deal with taking out the cornrows with the extensions.  She braided the same exact way I wanted it (pic included) and just braided the ponytail so when I take it out, it will be wavy.  To all of the transitioners, I suggest you find someone who can braid and braid your hair every once in a while to give your hair a break.  My hair has grown a great amount since I have been putting my hair in protective styles and have not used any heat besides my hooded dryer when I do rollersets. 

Check Out My Transitioning Website:
Transitioning To Natural (You can also find the link in the sidebar under great sites)
Transitioners, Naturals, and All are welcome

Thanks, Brenesha

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L.Y.N.K.H.’s August Meetup

29 Aug

I had the best time yesterday with the ladies of L.Y.N.K.H. (Love Your Natural Kinky Hair). It was my first time going to one of their events. 

Alyssa and Nicole are the great minds behind L.Y.N.K.H.

The description of the meetup said that it was going to feature Kelli of Khemet Botanicals.  I thought we were going to learn about her products, make some purchases, and mingle a little.  I was surprised by how educational it turned out to be.

Kelli wasn’t just interested in telling us about her line, she was informing us about having a healthy scalp and hair. As a chemist, she had a lot of great information to give.  We hear so many opinions about what’s good and what’s bad. It was great to hear from someone with a deeper knowledge about ingredients.  She gave a wonderful presentation, she allowed people to ask questions, and we got the opportunity later to smell and touch her products (which all smelled so so good and have great ingredients).  I will have to try her Lemongrass and Sage shampoo and conditioner. I pretty much love everything lemongrass.

I also met so many great ladies there including two YouTubers. 

YouTuber-The SistahChick. Click HERE to visit her channel

YouTuber Curly Top Lori with her daughter. Visit her channel:HERE

Here’s a few photos of some of the other ladies:

The lady in the picture above was going to go get a new relaxer, but came to the meetup instead when she was invited by a friend.  I thought it was so great that everyone in the group embraced her and gave her some great feedback.  They didn’t tell her that getting a relaxer was bad or wrong.  They just shared with her how they feel about their hair, and how they care for it.  Whichever decision she makes, I felt good about the love she was given.

I can’t wait for the next event! I will definitely be there. 

If you are interested in learning more about L.Y.N.K.H., visit the site:HERE
You can also check them out on Facebook: HERE .