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Ask the Natural Stylist…What Do You Want to Know??

7 Jul

We have a guest blogger coming up who is a natural hair stylist.  She would like to answer some of your hair questions when she does her post.  So, what do you want to know?  Please leave all questions on the blog instead of Facebook so that they are all in one place.  You don’t have to log in to put a comment.  Thank you.


Guest Blogger~Brenesha Shares Her Transitioning Story

5 Jul


Hi I’m Brenesha.  I am no professional stylist or hair guru. I am simply a woman who is transitioning to natural hair and wanted to help others who are going through this process! I have a passion to help others and found that a lot of women are finally enjoying and learning to care for their transitioning to natural hair. My desire is to reach a larger audience and to show how beautiful natural hair is. I want others to embrace their natural God Given Beauty!!!
When I started transitioning I searched  the web for sites that supported women who were  transitioning to natural.  A lot of sites gave just tips on transitioning.  I learned a lot from the tips and different methods they shared, but I needed people I could relate to.  So in March 2010 I created Transitioning To Natural, a site that focuses on properly caring for transitioning to natural hair.   I share my highs and lows of my hair journey to natural.  I want the members to feel comfortable and know that I am experiencing the same frustrations with my hair.  Sometimes I feel like going back to the relaxer or straightening my hair.  I even start discussions on asking for hair advice and product suggestions.  
I am currently 5  months in my Transition.  I must admit, I expected transitioning to be quite difficult.  I accredit researching becoming natural to helping me stay committed to this hair journey.  The only things that I am worried about is coming up with different styles.  I get bored easily and I like switching up my hair.  Buns have been my “GO TO” style when I can’t seem to find a style that I want to do.  I have noticed that my hair grows faster while in buns. 
Most transitioners I have connected with are Product Junkies, but I have to keep it simple! I pre-poo with Olive Oil and Cantu Shea Butter leave-in and co-wash 1-2x’s a week with Suave Humectant.  My favorite leave-in is Herbal Essence’s Long Term Relationship.  I moisturize with Shea Butter and seal with Olive Oil.  For hairstyles, I suggest that you keep your hair simple.  I basically do buns or flat twists.  I like rollersets as well with a headband to hide the two textures. 
I plan to transition for 18 months.  I trim every 3 months.  I am no fan of short hair so BCing is no for me!  Finding Naturals online as hair mentors is a great way to help you in your transition.  A few of my mentors, I found on Youtube.  They are: Prettydimples01, Jadison03, Lexiwith thecurls, and Taren916.  I love those ladies!!!!  I also found that you need a support system.  Join discussion boards like my site Transitioning To Natural- There are a number of Natural and Transitioning boards on Facebook as well.  I suggest finding women who you can relate to.  So if you’re a transitioner, find transitioning boards.  If your newly natural you want to find a natural board who assists in caring for your natural tresses.  If you’re natural, I suggest getting a blog and tell others about your experience and help walk others through their transition to natural hair.
If you want to contact me:

Thanks, Brenesha.  Email me at naturalbyl@gmail if you would like to be the next Guest Blogger.

Flat Twist Updo Style Idea from Keke 52284

3 Jul

If anyone tries this style, send in pictures.  Also, share your own style ideas with NaturalReview.

10 Tips for Transitioners

3 Jul


Yesterday there was a post on my page asking about transitioning.  The writer wanted to know what her relative could do to keep her hair from breaking off as she transitions. 

This process is different for each person.  It has a lot to do with the condition the person’s hair was in before they began the transition.  Even so, there are some basic things that a transitioner can do to work towards healthy hair.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Regular deep conditioners
  • Reduce use of heat
  • Try to incorporate protective styles
  • Comb your hair while it’s wet
  • Use a widetooth comb
  • Sleep with a silk/satin scarf or on a silk/satin pillowcase
  • Find a good leave in conditioner that works for your hair
  • Trim your hair if it is needed (Don’t try to hold on to damaged hair)
  • Try EVOO, shea butter, coconut oil, and other natural products

 I encourage others who are reading this to add their own tips in the comments section.