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Chrisette Michele’s New Video “I’m A Star”

19 Nov

In this video Chrisette shows her cute short haircut and wears a turban. I wonder if this video is going to inspire more people to start wearing turbans.  It looks nice enough on her, but I don’t think I will give it a try. Enjoy the video!

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Interview with Recording Artist Choklate

16 Jul



I have been into Choklate’s music since a friend played the song “Waitin” for me.    The lyrics, the music, her voice.  I loved all of it.  I have enjoyed every song I have heard of hers since then. I’m honored that she took some time out to answer a few questions.  She’s a musician, but I wanted to ask her about more than her music.  I wanted to know more about her as a person.  I hope you enjoy!   

Background~Choklate’s had the opportunity to work with and share the stage with performers such as Dwele, Raheem DeVaughn, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Erykah Badu, Res, Nikka Costa, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Roy Ayers, Bilal and a host of others. She released her self titled debut independent record in 2006, and her sophomore independent album “To Whom It May Concern” in 2009.  Both albums received rave reviews from listeners:   

  • “Soul is Alive and well”
  • “She is a true musician who expresses positivity through this album”
  • “I strongly suggest this album for anyone who wants to hear something original”
  • “This is the best album I’ve heard in all of 2009”

Choklate on Hair:   

NR:       Hair philosophy?   

C:            Hair is one of the most unmistakable forms of personal expression. Have fun.   

NR:       What products do you use?   

C:            Whatever the style I’m rockin requires. Olive Oil Spray for my blow outs and sew ins, Parnevue, plain ‘ol extra virgin olive oil heated in the microwave. I don’t use much honestly. Sometimes I’ll need a good drug store moose or the holding spray in the pink spray bottle…can’t remember the name of it. Hot oil treatments etc .   

NR:       Who is your hair inspiration?   

C:            I sort of take inspiration from whoever is rockin a fierce coiffe w/ confidence and one that compliments and looks good on them. I do totally love big hair tho.   

NR:       What is an adjective you use to describe your hair?   

C:            Wild and fun, or sexy and fun or regal and fun…always fun tho.   

Choklate on Skin:   

NR:       What is your skincare regimen?-   

C:            Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate.   

NR:        What treatments do you do for your skin to pamper yourself?   

C:            Milk baths, scrubs, seaweed wraps, massages, sugaring, etc.   

Choklate on Choklate:   

NR:       What’s the most unique thing about you?   

C:            I don’t know really…I’m me so it’s not unique to me, it’s just me…but if I could pick anything unique I would say the fact that I’m a homebody or that I like to ride horses or that I dig hiking but millions of people like those things so that’s not so unique…I dunno, you’d have to tell me.   

NR:       What do you do to relieve stress?   

C:            Pray. Meditate. Workout. Hike. Read. Run. Stuff like that.   

NR:        What is your favorite type of accessory?   

C:            Earrings and rings. Big ones. Gaudy almost. I call them statement pieces.   

NR:        If you had one selfish wish, what would it be?   

C:            That I could make all the money in the world and never really have any expenses. That I could give and receive without truly counting.   

NR:       Where do you find inspiration for your music?   

C:            In everyday situations and conversations with everyday people. Literally.   

NR:        Do you have a song of yours that is your favorite?   

C:            Naw…that’s like a mother picking a favorite child. They’re all my faves.   

NR:       What do you have coming up?   

C:            A world tour late fall and a helluva lotta music dropping in the coming year.   


*To Whom It May Concern*

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N’Dambi-Pink Elephant

25 Jun

N’dambi is the ninth of eleven children born to a Baptist minister and missionary. Her family is Memphis, TN, but they were reared in Dallas, TX when her parents moved there. Her father was both a minister and singer in an quartet group and N’dambi was alway enamored by the male vocalist in his group and in the church. She got her professional start singing with Gaye Arbuckle, a local gospel singer. She toured with her from age 18 to 20.

N’dambi delivered her debut solo CD Little Lost Girl Blues in 1999[1]. Since then she has released the two-disc set Tunin’ Up & Cosignin’, which focused more on a live and jazzy sound and contains new versions of several songs from her debut. After this, in 2005, she released A Weird Kind Of Wonderful, which contained funkier and more rock-influenced tracks. It was released in Japan only, which made it a very sought-after collector’s item on eBay. These projects were released independently by N’dambi. Around 2005, she has collaborated with R&B singer Keite Young. Her debut album for the Stax label is called Pink Elephant and was released in 2009

                                                                                                                                                                      -Bio from Wikipedia

I love N’Dambi.  I love her music and her big red afro.

Her most recent album “Pink Elephant” is really good.  The first single is “Can’t Hardly Wait”.  You can see the video on her website:  This song, like the rest of the album, shows that N’Dambi has her own style and a unique voice.

You can click the link to see N’Dambi’s  interview on the B. Scott Show. There are interviews with her and another person on the video, but her part is in the beginning.  On top of being talented, she seems like she’s a nice person too.

Martin Luther

21 Jun

Martin Luther


Martin Luther is an artist who has not yet gotten the recognition that he deserves.  Here is an interview with Soul Superhero: 

Here is a video  from his album ‘Rebel Soul Music’: