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Product Review: Beurre Mousse from MissShe Body Cocktails

26 Jun

Description from MissShe’s site:

Shea, cocoa, mango, aloe and cupuacu butters with essential oils make up this drink delicacy for the skin, in your favorite cocktail fragrance. Also contains
emu, acai, chamomile, argan and a variety of exotic fruit and nut oils. Naturally aiding skin affected by eczema and psoriasis. Also with ant-aging and
antioxidant qualities.

5 Things I Like About Beurre Mousse:

  1. It’s lightweight but extremely moisturizing
  2. It’s available in more than great scents
  3. Available in sizes 1/2 oz to 8oz ($1.50-$20.00)
  4. Has a great whipped texture that makes it easy to use
  5. Great ingredients

I’ve tried several products from MissShe’s line, and this is definitely one of my favorites. MissShe has taken different butters and oils that are great for skin and combined them into one. There are so many awesome scents. Some of those scents include Lemonade Ice, Peppermint Schnapps, Pink Lady, Margarita, Green Apple Martini, and Vanilla Solstice. Some lotions have a great scent, but you can’t smell it on your skin after a few minutes. This does not work that way. It lingers on the skin without having a heavy perfume smell.

The 1/2 oz is only $1.50. It’s a great way to buy a few to try different scents and to test the product. They also make great additions to gift bags. One word of warning: DO NOT LEAVE IN THE CAR DURING WARM WEATHER. This is true of any product that is a whipped butter. If you leave it in the heat, it will melt. You want to keep it with that same texture.

Another warning is to keep these away from my family because they love them. You might lose yours. My aunt loved the citrus scent of the Gin & Juice mousse. My sister loved the fruity scent of the Tropical Punch.  My favorite are the Pink Lady and  Cosmopolitan. A friend of mine has the Lemonade Ice, and she can’t stop using it. I need to get that one because I love lemonade scents.

To try this product for yourself, visit MissShe Body Cocktails

Also, “like” MissShe Body Cocktails on Facebook to stay posted on sales and new items

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Product Review: Nzuri Elixir (Liquid Hair Vitamins)

3 Apr

I took 1 oz of this elixir each day for 30 days. Read below for my thoughts and results.

Product Description from the Container:

Nzuri Elixir is rich in key, scientifically proven nutrients that have been shown to grow and maintain a healthy head of hair. it can increase body, shine, thickness, strength, volume, and sheen.

5 Things I Like About Nzuri ElixirLiquid Hair Vitamins Plus Growth Stimulants (32 oz $39.95)

  1. It combines several vitamins that are great for your hair and body including Vitamin A 1,000 IU 20% Vitamin C 30 mg 50% Vitamin E 30 IU 313% Thiamin 1.5 mg 100% Riboflavin 1.7 mg 100% Niacin 20 mg 100% Vitamin B6 5 mg 250% Folate (as folic acid) 800 mcg 200% Vitamin B-12 and co-enzyme B-12) 250 mcg 400% Biotin 600 mcg 200% Pantothenic acid (as D-panthenol) 20 mg 200% Iodine (as potassium iodide) 150 mcg 100% Zinc 7.5 mg 50% Selenium 70 mcg 100% Copper (as copper citrate) 1 mg 100 Propietary Blend of vitamins and minerals
  2. It can be taken alone or mixed with water or juice
  3. My hair feels great after using it for 30 days
  4. It can also be used on your skin
  5. It’s also great for people who don’t like to take pills

I always tell people that products, drinks, vitamins, etc… won’t magically make your hair grow. However, vitamins are a great addition to a hair regimen. A good regimen and vitamins can promote growth and length retention. I am very happy with the condition of my hair after the thirty days. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. I expected it to taste awful, and it doesn’t taste bad at all. I mixed it with different beverages and drank it alone. It worked well either way. For those of you who are watching your calories, these vitamins are only 20 calories per serving. Thanks to Nzuri for giving me a chance to try this elixir.

To purchase, visit HERE . You can also read more reviews.

If you are interested in trying the Nzuri Elixir, leave a comment below. I have two 1.5 oz bottles. Two people will be selected randomly.

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Product Review: Whipped Body Sorbet Butter

3 Apr

The After Affects was kind enough to send me a sample of their Whipped Body Sorbet Butter to try. This product was formulated  for dry skin.

5 Things I Like About the Whipped Body Sorbet Butter (1.6 oz $10)

  1. This product moisturizes skin without a greasy residue
  2. It has great ingredients including Ingredients: Cupuacu Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Sunflower Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Borage Oil, Avocado Oil, Meadow foam Oil and Vitamin E
  3. It comes in 10 different scents or unscented. I tried the Passion Blossom, and it is a nice, delicate floral scent.
  4. This product worked even on skin that was extremely dry
  5. The compact size makes it easy to take with you wherever you go

I used this immediately after showering, and I only needed to use a small amount. At first I didn’t think the little container would last very long, but I have used it several times. I still have plenty. The directions say to put a quarter-sized amount in your hands. You’ll be surprised how much skin that covers.

If you are interested in this product or other natural skin care products, visit The After Affects HERE.

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Product Review: Burt’s Bees Purifying Gel Cleanser

21 Dec

This product is from Burt’s Bees collection of natural acne solutions. It contains salicylic acid acne treament from Willow Bark.

The description on the container says: This cleanser is clinically proven to help wash away acne causing bacteria, excess oil, an impurities without over-rying or irritating skin. Salicylic acid, derived naturally from Willow Bark extract, penetrates pores to help reduce acne an prevent future breakouts. Evening primrose and Beet Root extracts help soothe acne prone skin resulting in clear healthy-looking skin naturally.

5 Things I Like:

  1. It actually works
  2. It is 99.4% natural
  3. It was not harsh on my skin like some other treatments
  4. It was inexpensive ($9.99 for 5fl oz.)
  5. One small container will last several months even with regular usage

I started using this in August when I was experiencing some breakouts. I started using it each morning and each evening. Within three weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in the condition of my skin. I’ve tried Proactiv before, but I stopped using that when I noticed that it mae something like a bleach spot on one of my shirts. Why would I want to put something on my face that can bleed through clothing? I don’t, so I stopped using it. I’ve tried some other skin care products that haven’t one much of anything for me. The purifying gel cleanser doesn’t have a lot of lather, but it gives some. I  applied a moisturizer after each use. I continued to use it to make sure that it wouldn’t just work for me short term. It’s four months later, and it is still working for me.

Product Review: Belle Butters Whipped Shea Butter for Hair and Body

7 Dec

I tried the cucumber scent which is currently being tested by Belle Butters. It is not currently available for sale on the website.

5 Things I Like About BB’s Whipped Shea Butter:

  1. Great ingredients including shea butter, neem oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, brahmi oil, and more
  2. The whipped texture makes it much easier to use whether applying it to skin or hair
  3. It’s multipurpose-I used it on both my hair and my skin.
  4. Provided great moisture to my skin-I used it immediately after showering and drying. It kept my skin moisturized throughout the day. Definitely a great staple for the colder months.
  5. It has oils combined, but it does not leave the skin feeling greasy.

Belle Butters products comes in various sizes.  There are travel sizes available. That is great to have because you  can keep it in with you and use as needed. Also, the small container can last for awhile because the butter spreads nicely. You don’t need to use much for each use. On the site right now, a seasonal Pumpkin Pie Butter is being sold. It’s 4oz for $7.50. That could make a great gift for someone.

Visit Belle Butters to see the other hair and body products available.

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Featured Business: Pura Body Naturals

16 Nov

Cupuacu Hair Butter

1. When did you start your business and why?

It really all began with my skin in 2007. I’ve always suffered from eczema and severely dry skin which needed steroid creams to remain under control. After numerous expensive visits to the dermatologist, I finally visited a holistic doctor who suggested I try some natural soaps and oils on my skin. I immediately went to the herb shop and realized there was a world of natural oils and plant products that were very beneficial to the skin. I started using the natural products on my skin and they worked miracles. My skin was no longer dry, itchy, and irritated all of the time once I started using natural products. Fast forward to 2008 I realized I had a complete “lab” of oils and butters because once I starting researching ingredients I would buy various ingredients to make my special concoctions.

 The hair care products were birthed around that time when I decided to actually keep my hair curly instead of straightening with ceramic irons so much. I realized my curly hair was a lot different from my hair that was straightened with ceramic irons. My curly hair seemed to be dry, hard, and wouldn’t retain moisture. To make matters worse, my stylist was no longer working at the salon after having her baby. At that point I realized I didn’t know how to care for my own hair. I went through the product junkie phase which only resulted in me wearing wigs or braids a lot because my hair was a mess even with the commercial products. Nothing ever gave me results for more than 2-3 days. One day I just happen to take a class on how to make natural butters and lotions for the skin because I still have all of these ingredients that I have to do something with. After taking the class I discovered the link between skin and hair; what makes my skin soft would more than likely make my hair soft because of the triglyceride levels in oils. I would experiment with my ingredients at home, but by this time I was very intrigued by handmade hair care products from many small companies. I ordered from many of the small natural hair care companies and often enjoyed the results with the exception of none I tried would provide my hair with enough moisture.

 I decided to take an assessment of my hair because I knew I wanted to use natural ingredients, I just needed to figure out what worked for my hair. I started taking notes on what my hair didn’t respond well to; mainly studying the ingredients in the products. Once I realized the ingredients my hair didn’t like I started researching ingredients to find something my hair might like. After a year of experimenting I finally found Amazonian butter and oils and started mixing them into my concoctions. To my surprise they worked better than anything I’d tried in the past. At that point I had body and hair products; at the same time I learned to hand craft mineral make-up as well. For there the concept of the company was birthed.

 2. What do you sell?

We specialize in hand crafting hair and body products using the best oils and butters the Amazon and tropical locations have to offer. We create our products with Cupuacu Butter, Murumuru Butter, Brazil Nut Oil, Sapote Oil, Mango Butter, Macedamia Oil, and other natural goodies. In addition to the hair and body products, we also hand craft loose mineral eye shadows with more makeup to come in the near future.

Murumure Moisture Milk

 3.How can people purchase your items?

They can purchase all of the goodies HERE. We are in the process of expanding into other regions so if there are any salons or entrepreneurs that are interested in retailing the products they can contact me at info for more details.

 4. What’s unique about your business?

The most unique feature about Pura Body Naturals is that we’ve stepped outside of the box to use other ingredients that have great benefits. Many domestic products have the same ingredients which don’t offer a lot of variety for people that desire more options and different results. We take great pride in offering ingredients that are not very common but offer benefits above and beyond what most consumers expect.

All of our ingredients are packed with vitamins and minerals that are great for hair and skin with our focus always on using the best natural ingredients to condition, soften, and moisturize hair and skin.

5. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Please join us on Facebook for free goodies and discounts I share with my followers. We have a special promotions tab where you can see the latest savings and sign up for our newsletter. Follow us on Twitter as well to stay on top of our latest happenings.

Sampler Pack

Product Review: KnapsGirl’s Lil’ Better Butter

25 Oct

Lil’ Better Butter is sold by Knapsgirl. There is a link to her blog in the sidebar. She also has online stores that sell hair and body products and T-shirts.

Description of Lil’ Better Butter from the website:

A smooth creamy blend of unrefined shea butter,coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. Lil Better butter is excellent to seal moisture into hair and skin. This product is all natural and handmade. There is a pleasant tropical fragrance.

Each jar contains four ounces of product for $10.

5 Things I like:

  1. The texture-much smoother and creamier than shea butter is alone.
  2. Ingredients- including unrefined shea butter, unrefined coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, scent oil, and vitamin e.
  3. I didn’t have to use much, so the container will last me for awhile. If you look at the photo, it shows only a small dent, and I have used it multiple times already.
  4. Scent-I chose the tropical scent, and it smells great. You also have the option of getting vanilla or cake scent.
  5. The butter worked well for my hair and my skin.

If I was going to add another one, it would be the sturdy container. That came in handy since I’ve dropped it about 3 times.  Anyhow, I love this butter. Shea butter on it’s own is too heavy for my hair.  I also don’t like having to rub it so much before I put it in. Maybe I’m lazy.  I’ve tried some other butters that used shea butter as a base, but this has worked the best for me.  It also smelled the best. Lil’ Better Butter was also much easier to use and I liked the added oils.  I will be using this much more now that the weather is getting chillier. Next, I need to try the cake scent.

To purchase your own container, visit Knapsgirl’s site: HERE

Product Review: Beauty & Glory by Tarece

10 Aug

I recently tried a new line of natural products from Beauty & Glory by Tarece. I tried four items:

1. Sweed’s Strengthening Shampoo & Body Wash $14.99

What I liked:

  • The first thing that I noticed were the great ingredients. Some of the ingredients include aloe juice, organic chamomile, shea oil, vitamin C, orange essential oil, vitamin E, organic kelp, vegetable glycerin, sea salt, and organic calendula. It is sulfate and paraben free
  • The shampoo has a light orange scent that I like
  • I did not have to use much to shampoo my hair, and I have a lot of hair
  • It cleansed my hair without being harsh

2. Cordell’s Curing Conditioner $14.99

What I liked:

  • Again, great ingredients including organic aloe juice, organic lavender, organic roman chamomile, castor seed oil, kosher vegetable glycerin, rosehip seed oil, coconut oul, black willow bark extract, and orange essential oil
  • Also has a light orange scent
  • Nice creamy texture
  • Left my hair feeling very moisturized

What I didn’t Like:

  • At $14.99, I wouldn’t use this as a cowash conditioner

3. Sha’s Shea Moisturizer $19.99

What I liked:

  • Ingredients, including: Organic aloe juice, shea butter, kosher vegetable glycerin, jojoba oilm and organge essential oil
  • Creamy texture.  Shea butter is usually too heavy for me, but this works for me
  • My best friend really liked this too.  She wears a low cut and washes her hair often.  This helped to add some moisture to her hair.  The container says use it on wet or dry hair.  She preferred using it on her dry hair.
  • Scent

4. Sunshine Oil 14.99

What I liked:

  • Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, orange esssential oil, jojoba oil, wheate germ oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, and natural fragrance
  • Scent
  • It can be used on body or hair
  • Gave my hair a nice sheen

Overall, I was very happy with the results.  I was a little skeptical at first because I have not had much success with natural shampoos and conditioners.  In the past, I’ve been excited about the ingredients but disappointed in the results.  I was pleasantly surprised by the results I had with these products. 

All of these items can be purchased from Beauty& Glory by Tarece:HERE

I found out about this product through Atlanta Natural Hair Care. Visit this site: HERE . There is also a link on the sidebar.

Product Review: Carol’s Daughter Ecstasy Body Wash and Shea Souffle from Batise

22 Jul
Batise writes:
Really in love with Carol’s Daughter Ecstasy body wash and shea souffle. It smells SOOOOO good. It seems like even after I wash my hands the scent lingers. It is very nice and aromatic. I think the name suits it perfectly. I always get compliments when I use any of their products but this is one of my faves. Find your signature scent and tell us Natural Reviewers all about it.
Thanks Batise for sharing another product review!

Product Review: Yes to Carrots Face Wash

5 Jul

Reader Batise tells us what she think s of Yes to Carrots Face Wash:

I have another find for you NaturalReviewers: Yes to Carrots, C is for Clean gentle exfoliating facial cleanser. I got it at Target and it is a new fave “Beauty on a Budget” product for me. I’ve tried apricot scrub when I was younger, but it was too rough for my face. This cleanser has tiny “scrubbie” grains, but it’s not too harsh. My skin always feels very soft after and the fresh scent is long lasting. My son even said that is smelled great! Whoa, a teenage boy openly complimenting mom, lol.

It is a blend of carrot seed oil, carrot juice, pumpkin, sweet potato, and Dead Sea Mud. What I notice, and like, after I clean with it the skin where I have dry patches feels like it is getting softer. It also shows me where I need the most lotion. If you are anything like me, you avoid putting too much lotion on the forehead. That tends to be my more oily spot. I use it just like the tube says, and then I pat my face dry with a towel. I have used a dime size squirt to clean my face. I haven’t needed to put on lotion.  Out of habit, I put a dab of Aveeno on my dry zones, and I am a fresh faced beauty ; ).

 Give it a try! It was under $10.  I enjoyed it so much that I want to try other products from the line. My next try will be the shampoo and conditioner. I was drawn to the product because of the sweet potatoes and carrots. Both have good nutrients that help rejuvenate the skin, help you to keep your skin with that youthful glow, and add smoothness. If beta-carotene isn’t high on your list there is even a Yes to Tomatoes line. So get your beta or lycopene (in tomatoes) on and save your skin and some money.


Has anyone else tried this product?  Let me know what your experience was.  Also, write to to tell me about your favorite prodcuts.