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June Henna Giveaway

16 Jun

To win 1 of 5 boxes of Jamila Henna

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It’s that simple.

I’ll pick 4 winners from my Facebook page and one from Twitter.

Deadline: June 23rd

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Amla and Brahmi Paste Recipe and Tutorial

10 Apr

The last time I went to buy henna from a local Indian grocery store, I also purchased a few other ayurvedic powders including amla and brahmi. Amla can be added to henna to tone down the red color and to prevent curl loosening. I decided to use the powders without henna.

According to Hesh, Amla:

– Promotes hair growth
– Controls hair fall
– Cures scalp infection
– Controls premature graying of hair

According to Hesh, Brahmi:

– Cools the scalp and induces sound sleep
– Controls dandruff
– Makes hair long, dark, Dense & lustrous
– Strengthens hair roots

I followed the directions on the boxes. They both said to mix with hot water. First I emptied the amla into an empty container.

The box doesn’t say how much water to add. It says to add until it’s the texture of yogurt. I added the hot water 2 oz at a time and mixed until I got the desired texture. I used 6 oz. of water.

Next, I added the brahmi powder to the mixture.

I used 6 more oz of the hot water. I still added it 2oz at a time and mixed in between each pour.

Then I followed the instructions on the box and let the mixture sit for 15 minutes before using. I put my hair into four sections and applied the paste to each one. When I finished applying, I twisted my hair up into a bun so that I could cover with my plastic cap (I need to get one of the clear caps from Celestial Crowns so that I can stop going through so many of these small disposable ones).

This paste did not take very long to rinse out. I followed with a deep conditioner. One thing that I noticed right away was the fullness of my hair after rinsing and it was easier to detangle. This is a treatment I’ll do again.

What I Used:

  • 100g of Amla
  • 100g of Brahmi
  • 12 oz of hot water

Use more or less of the powders depending on length of hair. Use more or less water to achieve the desired texture.

Have you tried amla or brahmi? If so, how did you use it?

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March Henna, Amla, and Brahmi Giveaway

8 Mar

This month we are going to do it a little differently. I am choosing two winners. The winners will each win two prizes. You have the choice of Jamila henna, amla powder, and brahmi. You can pick two of the three options or two of the same. This idea came from one of my Facebook friends who likes to mix other powders with her henna.

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2. Leave a comment in the comments section to let me know that you’re interested.

(Example: I am a Networked Blogs follower, and I would like to win some henna)

It’s that simple.

Deadline: Tuesday, March 22nd

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If you have a henna recipe or video that you would like to share, please send it to me at naturalbyl@gmail.com.

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UPDATE: Winners will receive an email today. Please respond by Friday.

Product Review: Shikakai Enriched Herbal Hair Oil

11 Dec

I was in an Indian grocery store a few weeks ago, and I bought a few powders and this oil. They were all inexpensive, and I wanted to try something new.

Shikakai Enriched Herbal Oil by Hesh has extract of shikakai, aloe vera, amla, brahmi, neem, methi, coconut oil, castor oil, sandal, and other natural oils.

5 Things I Like:

  1. It was inexpensive. The 200ml was $4.99
  2. Works well as a pre-poo and hot oil treatment
  3. Left my hair with a nice healthy sheen
  4. Had a cooling effect on my scalp
  5. Leaves hair feeling soft and moisturized

1 Thing I Didn’t Like:

  1. The smell is terrible.

I used it by applying the oil to my hair and covering with a plastic cap. I left it in overnight and washed in the morning. Those are the directions on the container for the best results. I was happy with the turnout. I wouldn’t use this oil on my hair if I wasn’t going to wash it because it is too heavy. If you are interested in ayurvedic powders but are not sure of how to mix them, try this product. It included lots of beneficial plants and oils. It takes some of the work off of your hands…if you can deal with the smell. I can’t describe what it smells like, but it is strong. After I covered with the plastic cap, I also covered it with a scarf. It helped to cover the scent more.

If you have a product review that you’d like to see, send it to me at naturalbyl@gmail.com.

Ayurvedic Tea Hair Spritz

11 Dec

Coilynapp writes:

Hi Ladies,
I had been trying a hand at mixing my own ayurvedic herbal tea spritz because all the spritz I’ve tried lately have too much glycerine in them which zap the moisture out of my hair during the winter. So here is what I made

I used
Fenugreek –adds great slip!
Hibiscus flowers

Brewed a tea in a small crockpot with all the above in distilled water (I used heat sealed tea bags to avoid the mess)

Hydrolyzed oats

Stirred well. Then topped off with some AV shikakai oil (I was going to use the oil I infused yesterday, but it was too messy and had a lot of powder that the cheese cloth couldn’t get out–I didn’t use tea bags, which I will use next time)

It came out beautifully and smells wonderful (from the hibiscus and the oil).

If you have a recipe that you would like to share, please send it to me at naturalbyl@gmail.com