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Nubian Spheres Daily Contests

11 Nov

Kimmie, the Owner of Nubian Spheres writes:

 “Name That Creation”…..My goal is to give each creation its very own unique name…Whoever gives me the HOTTEST name for the set, will get $5 off. Make your name as creative as possible…..Good Luck!!!!

Here are two that were named this week:




It’s quick and easy to enter. Just visit Nubian Spheres on Facebook. The jewelry at Nubian Spheres is already offered at a great price, and the discount will make it even better.


HeadsTa-Getha! by wethreequeens Giveaway

20 Sep

One of you will win the Purple Passion Flower extra wide stretch headband from HeadsTa-getha! by wethreequeens. It is a great accessory to spruce up some of your usual styles.

To enter 1) leave a comment letting me know that you want to win
2) “like” HeadsTa-Getha! on Facebook. Click the link HERE

The winner will be chosen randomly from everyone who enters. The deadline is September 17th.

Visit the HeadsTa-getha website:HERE

UPDATE: The winner is…Derby City Naturals!! Congratulations. I will send an email for your mailing address.  Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks to HeadsTa-Getha for sponsoring this giveaway.

And the Winner Is…

7 Aug

Paisley and Mudcloth Hair Tie


Happy Birthday to me, and Happy Birthday to…Linda! 

(I will email you for an address) 

Thanks to everyone who entered. Thanks to Tomoka’s Twists for sponsoring the first giveaway on NaturalReview.  There will be many more to come. Check out the Swarthy Daisy giveaway that is going on now. 

If you didn’t win, you can own this (or another like it) by purchasing one from http://www.tomokastwists.com/

**NaturalReview Giveaway Updates**

5 Aug

Paisley and Mudcloth Hair Tie


The deadline has passed for the Tomoka’s Twists giveaway.  The winner will be announced on Saturday, August 7th.  


You can enter to win the Swarthy Daisy Giveaway until August 15th.  In the sidebar, click on Giveaways, Sales, and Discounts for details on how to enter.  The winner will be announced shortly after the deadline. 

There are more giveaways coming soon.  Hints: The next three coming-one will be a hair product. One will be a hair accessory. The other will be a gift certificate.  Check back to learn how to enter to win those.

Swarthy Daisy Giveaway

1 Aug

Swarthy Daisy is sponsoring a giveaway with NaturalReview.  The company wants to see who can give the most creative response to this question:

“As a flower needs sun, air, and, rain, name three ways that you plan on helping future daisies become positive, upbuilt, and secure young ladies.”

1st Prize- Black Swarthy Daisy Tote Bag

2nd Prize- Swarthy Daisy Button + Comb Gift Set

3rd Prize- Swarthy Daisy Button

To win you must post your answer on the Swarthy Daisy Facebook Page: HERE
3 Finalists will be chosen, and the prizes will be given through random selection.

Click HERE to visit Swarthy Daisy’s website to see more great items including shirts, bags, and tank tops.


NaturalReview’s First Giveaway ~Sponsored by Tomoka’s Twists!!!!

4 Jul

Paisley and Mudcloth Hair Tie


My birthday is coming up, and I thought it would be nice to give someone else a gift.  I will be getting great gifts (I hope my family is reading this), but I want someone else to have a special treat as well.  Tomoka’s Twists was nice enough to sponsor this giveaway by donating a beautiful hair tie that you can see in the picture above.  If you aren’t familiar with Tomoka’s Twists, her website is http://www.tomokastwists.com/. If you have been, go again.  The site features hair accessories and jewelry. The items are all beautiful and well crafted.  

Details for the giveaway:  

This first giveaway is to show appreciation for all of you who follow my blog. I appreciate all of the support.  


1.  You must be a follower on Networked blogs by August 4th.  Here is the link to become a follower of NaturalReview:  

http://apps.facebook.com/blognetworks/blog/naturalreview/ There is also a link on the sidebar.  

2. You must leave 2 comments: One on the post “What Would You Like To See on NaturalReview?” and one on this post to let me know that you are interested in the giveaway.  

The winner will be announced on August 7th.  I will email the winner for a mailing address.