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Twist Out/ Flat Twist Puff from AfrikanHairGod

4 Mar

AfrikanHairGod does lots of cute hairstyles. I love this one. He combines a twist-out with a few flat  twists. Check out the video to learn how to do this style. Watch some of his other videos on his channel.

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SimplYounique’s Flat Twist Protective Style Tutorial

18 Feb

SimplYounique shows how to do a flat twist protective style. This is a beautiful hairstyle. She always makes them look so easy to do. Watch the video and learn how to give this one a try. Also, take a look at some of the other videos on her channel.

Flat-twist Tutorial from Keke52284

6 Feb

Keke52284 shows how she does flat-twists in order to wear a flat-twist out. I have never attempted to do flat twists, but I may give this one a try. Check out some of her other videos on YouTube.

If you have a style tutorial, send it to me at naturalbyl@gmail.com.

4 Natural Styles for Children

10 Nov

These four videos come  from Hairmania3000 showing a few creative natural hair styles for young girls Check them out, and visit her channel to see some of her other videos.

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Beaded Flat Twist Tutorial

28 Oct

This video from AfrikanHairGod adds a little to the regular flat twists. Check out his other videos on YouTube as well.

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Flat Twist-Out Tutorial from Curlychronicles

27 Jul

This style puts a different spin on the twist -out.  Don’t forget to check out her YouTube channel.

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

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