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Big Chop vs. Transitioning

12 Dec

Once we make the decision to go natural, we each have to find the path that works the best for us. I’ve experienced transitioning and the big chop.  Before I did my big chop, I transitioned for 7 months. At that time, I didn’t even know the name for transitioning. I was giving myself a chance to decide what I wanted to do with my hair. I think there are pros and cons to both, and it really depends on what works for the individual. The big chop was the right move for me. If you are considering making the leap, you have to figure out which strategy is the best for you.

I posted the question on my Facebook page. 44 people answered. 17 transitioned and 27 did the big chop. Of the group that big chopped, a few initially intended to transition but big chopped due to frustration.

Big Chop


  1. Cutting your hair off is refreshing, and it really sets you in the frame of mind that you are making a change.
  2. Starting from a short haircut gives you time to get to know your hair before there is so much of it. This is a good time to do trial and error to see what works for you and what doesn’t. You may change products as your hair gets longer, but it gives you a place to start.
  3. You get to start fresh with healthy hair.


  1. The shock of having short hair can be challenging for some people, especially those that have not had short hair before.
  2. You may experience more backlash from people in your life because it is a sudden change.

Here are some comments from people who chose to BC:

J.E.- I BC’d…it was summertime and I was bold lol

N.W.- I did the big chop!! Why? 1. Because transitioning would take to long. 2. I didn’t want to try and manage two different textures of hair and, 3. I wanted to have natural hair as soon as I possibly could!!!

Dr. M.M.- I did the big chop. So glad I did!!! Longer, thicker, healthier hair!!

J.E.- Big Chop. I went natural in 03 and I didn’t know there was another way 2 do it. LOL

H.C.- Big Chop! I was anxious and I didnt really have the patience to transition. I wanted to be natural right away. Plus shaving my head would be a completely different look from what I and everyone was use to…and I liked that.

T.M.- BC it was freein at the time and enough was enough

C.E.W.- I just did the big chop on the 15th of october it was a spirtual thing for me the most high gave us beautiful black women hair like this for a reason mainly because nobody else has hair like us for me it’s embracing a part of myself a spirtual self I know that may sound weird to some but it means everything to me I so Love my hair I can’t stop touching it and looking at and thinking to myself THAT’S MINE THAT’S MY HAIR..REAL HAIR 🙂

J.A.- Tomorrow will make it one month since I did the BIG CHOP! 70% was a spiritual thing and the other 30%, I just always wanted to go back to my natural state. And finally I grew a pair and did the unthinkable by many black women! Boom pow! 🙂 It’s a BEAUTIFUL and LIBERATING thang! :))



  1. Transitioning gives you an opportunity to ease into being natural.
  2. You can wear many of the same styles that naturals wear.
  3. You can maintain the length of your hair by cutting it slowly and deciding when you want to get rid of the relaxed ends.


  1. It can be a lot of work to maintain two drastically different hair textures. The products that work for the relaxed hair may not work for the natural hair.
  2. There is a lot of potential for damage at the line where the two textures meet.

Comments from people who chose to transtion:

N.A.L.- Transitioned. I have always had long hair and wanted to retain my length.

S.C.- I transitioned because I didn’t want to go to having extremely short hair all of a sudden.

S.W-O- Transition with mini chops over a year or so…..I did it because 1 I’m vain and like my length and 2 I love short hair on other people, just not my head.

J.W.D.- Transitioned. Was too scared to chop.

What do you think the pros and cons are for both?

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“Going Natural” Follow-Up News Report

3 Dec

The first “Going Natural” segment was so popular that WPTV did a follow-up. If you didn’t see the first video, check it out HERE.

Does It Matter Why Someone Goes Natural?

26 Jul

I was reading the natural hair message board on Livejournal, and I came across an interesting post.  The person who wrote the post stated that she is noticing more people going natural because they like the hairstyles.  She gave some examples and thoughts about the trend she saw. Then she posed the question “Is being natural a hairstyle or a lifestyle?” Most of the commenters disagreed with what she wrote and felt that she was being judgmental.

I have seen these kinds of topics popping up more often. That is what prompted one of my previous posts. On the “What Is Natural to You?” post: HERE , I asked you all to define what natural means to you. We all have different definitions, and we had different motivation for starting down this path. It’s enlightening to discuss, and I think good information comes from those discussions.

You can read the post I mentioned and the comments HERE . I am interested to see where you all stand on the issue.  Does it matter why someone goes natural?

Guest Blogger~Batise Shares Her Hair Story

1 Jul


Want to share my “hairstory” with you about my journey to natural hair. I was a slave to the creamy crack, yes it’s true. I used to leave it on even when I felt a burning sensation. I was thinking “My hair gone be layin’. It’ll be smooth and flat.” I knew I was getting spritz afterwards, but I took the burns, stings and sores as a side effect to being hooked up, lol. I admired natural hair, but I had short hair at the time and did not think I could pull off the short “boy” cut that I LOVED so much. A friend from college asked me to take a ride with her, and I went to a woman’s home with her. I was raving about my friend’s mini fro and telling her how she had the cute head to wear it, sorrowfully I did not. We went to a woman’s house who told us about natural style options; one was Sisterlocks. I stood there with my perm not even two weeks old and felt that the Natural hair Goddess herself must have used my friend as a sign for me to embrace natural hair. I took a paper home with me about Sisterlocks and even read a book by the creator. I saved money,  and I stopped perming my hair. I would rub the back of my head and groan, but then as the permed hair grew and my natural curl pattern came forward I fell in love. It then ocurred to me that I used to like my hair as a kid, so why did I feel the need to perm. I was never one who said “Good hair”. To me, good hair is what works with you and makes you feel good. NOW I have good hair. It’s been almost 11 years and it was one of the best choices I have ever made.

I have plenty of style options with Sisterlocks, even fun youthful styles. Sometimes I get a rod set or cornrows going straight back. I leave the cornrows in sometimes for a week or at times just overnight (depends what I am in the mood for). I use to get it retightened every 6 weeks but my hair grows like wild fires so I go every 4 weeks. My shampooing regimen varies. Most often in the winter I only get it washed when I go to the hairdresser because it takes a while to dry. When it warms up I either wash it biweekly ( Aveda shampoo, Olive shampoo from the Body shop Philosophy shower wash) or do a scalp refresher. I have used Sea Breeze or Herbal Cleanse for that. I even tried my Carol’s Daughter facial toner:)(Wash Away the Oil gentle toner). I use to wear a silk scarf and all that but now I just sleep. I try to move it out of the way so me and the hubby don’t lay on it. I believe locks move in phases; it needs more care when it is young then less and less as it goes on. Now the I have mature locks they can thrive without me doing too much to them. I like light oils for my hair. My salon uses a mix of olive oil and essential oils. I use it at home too. I put shea butter in my hair sometimes as well. Oddly enough whatever lotion I put on my face the excess gets wiped on my hair. I am even amazed at how it has grown! My number one hair tip though is drink plenty of water. When you are dried out so is your hair.

Thanks to Batise for sharing her story.  If you would like to be a guest blogger, please send me a message on Facebook or send an email to naturalbyl@gmail.com.  It doesn’t have to be about hair.  You can send anything that is related to the site.  Also, remember to include photos.