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Interview with Chatto of Chatto’s Skincare and Haircare

27 Sep

Chatto is a woman who is passionate about skin and hair and about teaching others how to better care for both. My interview with her ended with her doing what she does best, giving tips.  She says that within minutes of meeting someone, she can usually figure out a solution for their hair or skin issues.  She gave me useful tips after asking only a few questions.

Growing up in Ghana, Chatto watched her grandmother create homemade  skin treatments using only ingredients that she found in nature.  This experience proved to be useful when her son developed a skin problem that his doctors couldn’t cure.  Chatto went to work creating a cream, and his skin cleared up within three weeks. After that, she created treatments for friends. She gave samples to strangers who she came across who were in need of assistance. She used their feedback to perfect her creations.

Background Info on Chatto:

  • Has studied skincare all over the world including at an aesthetic school in Chicago and at Vidal Sassoon in London
  • Has been in the hair and skin industry for 26 years
  • Has had a salon/store Chatto’s Salon and Chatto’s Oassis in downtown Chicago on Oak St. for over 18 years
  • Has successfully helped people with severe acne, eczema, scalp issues, and baldness
  • Started the skincare line 12 years ago and added the haircare line a year ago
  • Plans to open a “green” shop next year


Chatto’s Tips

  • Don’t forget how important it is to moisturize. It is still necessary for people who wear locks or braids.  It’s especially important to moisturize braids when taking them down.
  • When mixing your own skin or hair products, make sure you are using the right oils for your needs.
  • Don’t use fragrance oils in your hair and skin products, only essential oils (Make sure to use those safely).
  • When you decide on hair products, know why you are using them
  • Be careful what you put into your body.

I spent some time looking at the wide variety of items available on Chatto’s website.  There are many options including skin creams, shea butter, hair softener, oil, etc…The prices of the items fall into a wide range depending on what it is. There are many items available that are less than $20, but there are some that are more costly.  Chatto realizes that natural products seem expensive to some, but responds that it is because it’s important to use the best ingredients. Those ingredients are more expensive. She points out that many places sell shea butter at a very low rate, but it is not high quality shea butter.  It is clear that Chatto takes pride in everything that she sells on her website. “I don’t sell products, I sell results” is her motto.  Her confidence in her creations also keeps her from criticizing other lines that are on the market. She says, “I don’t talk about anyone else’s product. Everybody has their own way of doing things. My focus is on giving advice and helping people who have questions.”

Visit Chatto’s website: HERE
Visit Atlanta Natural Haircare: HERE


Interview with Asha Mandela

13 Sep


Greetings, my Brothers and Sisters, I am Asha Zulu Mandela, the Guinness World Record Holder for the Longest Dreadlocks measuring 19ft 6 1/2 in. I have been growing my crown for 21 years. I did not plan to grow them this long. I really did not think of how long I wanted to grow them and what length I thought would be good for me. They just grew and the time went by before I began to realize that they were not so easily manageable anymore. By that time, I had become so attached to my “baby”, I just continued to do my best to care for my locs while keeping them controlled by tying knots to shorten them.

 My hair does hold great significance to/for me since it was the beginning of a new me…a new journey. Soon after I migrated to New York 25 years ago, I found that I was faced with a very different type of struggle especially with hair, race and culture. Chemically treated hair was no longer my thing as I began my spiritual journey. I decided to grow locs during my spiritual awakening and soon found an inner strength and peace that not only allowed me to be myself, but to also be an inspiration and example to others struggling with the idea of growing locs regardless as to the reason… be it spiritual, a fashion statement, or an overall connection with culture.

 When I had told my mother I was growing locs, she said “Not that mop thing….after all the years I brushed your nice curls. Why do you want to look ruff scruff with wild hair?” I said mom this is my calling and I would appreciate your support. She hung up on me! A few days later she called and said “Well, I thought about what you said, and although I don’t approve of it, if that’s what it will take to bring you closer to God to live a spiritual and decent life, then I guess it’s ok”. Once my mom recognized the new growth and strength in me, she became my biggest supporter and greatest fan… now after 21 yrs, every chance she gets, she tells me “Daughter Gold” (that was my pet name in growing up) I am so proud of you.  I will NEVER cut my locs…. my crown is my life and my baby. ‘Never’ is a strong word, but I mean it when I say I will never give up my crown.

 Hair Regimen:

My hair regimen is really simple as in the basic shampoo and conditioning of which I do 3-times a week. I do have a product preference, however I am not able to comment on it at the moment since I am working on some projects for the said product. Besides this product, I have used Olive oil from the birth of my locs til the present, since for me, olive oil works really well in my scalp for massaging especially in the winter season when my locs are drier as opposed to the summer and I think it is brilliant for heat treatments of which I get done once a month. Any brand will do. Supplements are my best friends (smile) .I swear by cod liver oil capsules along with a hair, nail and skin combo supplement I take twice daily.

 Washing and Drying  Hair:

My locs take quite a few hours to dry. On my wash days, I try to do it no later than the mid afternoon since it allows enough time for my locs to get aired out. After washing, I wrap them in a huge bath sheet/towel for about 20 minutes. which absorbs the water really well. Then I sit back and read or watch TV or even get work done on the PC while they lay out on the floor on a towel or sheet to air dry. The ends take a bit longer to fully dry so most times they are very damp at bedtime, so I lay on the bed with them dropped on the floor on a sheet and just go to sleep like normal.

 Styling/Maintaining Her Locks:

I have never been one to style my locs. If I do, it is either in a bun wrap or just let down. I guess it’s because I took care of them myself and never really got creative with styles. For the first 10yrs of growth, I enjoyed tying them in a turban which gave me that Nefertiti look that I absolutely loved. I have never been to a hairdresser in my life except for the 2 times my locs needed to be verified and adjudicated by Guinness World Records and one other time to have years of knots untied to free its length. I care for my locs while keeping them controlled by tying knots to shorten them.

 I don’t re-twist my locs anymore since they are a bit heavy, and I need the full bodied roots to maintain the weight. I groom just a little like once a month to keep some neatness at the front.


At night, except for when its damp from a wash day…I lay my locs beside me on the bed to sleep….it’s like another person laying next to me (smile) or sometimes I bundle them up behind my neck for use as a pillow.

Experiences With Hair Damage:

All hair types, be it processed or natural, go through breakage. I started experiencing weak points and breakage when I got injured 13 yrs ago and thus began a medical struggle which prohibited me from being able to maintain my locs properly. I spent so much time between the hospital and a nursing home dealing from complications from a bilateral mastectomy that I just couldn’t quite handle them, so they started weakening and some broke off. Family and friends suggested I cut them off, but there was no way I was going to lose my crown. So, I just started tying them in knots to protect the weak ones and before long, I was tying most of them to control the length since they got in the way a lot. I tied knots in my locs for 13 years. Its only last year September that I decided to sum up the courage to have a loctician go through my hair to see how best we can untie the knots. Now that I look back, and though it was a struggle, I realize that I was very creative in finding a way to protect my crown of which for me, was well worth the struggle and has been a blessing in disguise.

 Winning the Record  for the World’s Longest Locks:

I have held the Guinness World Record for two years. I received the first record in November of 2008 at 8ft 9ins. Right after receiving the record, I realized that I was so overjoyed and excited, that it didn’t even click to me that I should consider untying 13 years of knots for its full length. The more I thought about it, the more I became curious as to how long my locs really were, but didn’t know how, where and when to begin trying to untie them. It was like mission impossible! I was referred to a loctician in the Caribbean who decided to take on the challenge of unknotting my locks. It was a long and tiring almost 12 hours of careful unknotting, and boy was I surprised to see the bulk that lay before me! Glorious! Simply glorious!

 I returned to Florida, and after a few weeks of getting used to carrying this much locs,I swear it felt like I was carrying another body!!… All the time!!… It still feels that way (smile), so I decided to measure them out of curiosity since they just seemed endless. I was totally shocked to realize just how much growth and length had been hidden for 13 yrs! It was an amazing discovery! I contacted GWR and explained to them what I had done. They advised me to re-submit a new application and go through the process all over again to have my locs examined and verified before its length can be updated or modified in their records. Although I am not a fan of hairdressers and don’t like strangers hands in my locs,I surrendered to a 3rd examination and after submitting the evidence to GWR, was approved and adjudicated on the CBS Early show in November of 2009 where my crown was officially measured at 19ft 6 1/2 ins!! Whew!! What an exciting and nerve-wracking day it was!! But so worth it! After I won the first record, I really did not do anything different since I was still having re-constructive surgery. As a matter of fact, later on that day after I received the record in 2008, I flew to Miami for surgery at Jackson Memorial. So I really didn’t have a chance to bask in the moment since I was still very much in a medical crisis facing 3 more surgeries. It’s really not until I had the locs untied and re-applied to GWR that I thought, well maybe I can actually make my hair work for me, since I worked so hard for it for so many years (smile). I was blessed with being invited to GWR live TV shows in Italy and also did interviews for Greek and Poland TV, both of which were a brilliant experience. I am now working on my hair care line, appearances, hair shows and other projects.

 What Has Changed Since Earning the Title?

Realizing and manifesting that deep inner strength I beheld but did not know I had. From the birth of my locs journey to the present, has been filled with joy and some sorrow, however, the greatest lesson and gift. I have learned is that patience and perseverance is virtue. My faith my in God is even stronger. For faith is the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not yet seen. To some, my locs may just be a huge mass of hair. To me, it’s my baby and my heritage… the foundation of which I stand on today. The benefit of this change is knowing that I am an inspiration for many people of different races, background and cultural blends and that I have made my brothers and sisters all over the world proud of me as I feel blessed and honored to represent all natural hair…locs and Rastafarians and important part of Afrikan Culture.

 To My brothers and sisters all over the world. “A CHAIN IS AS STRONG AS ITS WEAKEST LINK”. We must unite and stand as one with each other…….

 One Luv,

Queen, Asha Zulu Mandela ***

Video of Asha washing her hair

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Thanks for sharing your story! You can visit Asha Mandela’s website HERE

Meet Alicia (YouTube’s herFLYness79)

4 Sep

Of all of the natural hair vloggers I watch on YouTube, Herflyness has one of the biggest, fluffiest, fullest heads of hair.  If you haven’t seen her videos before, give them a look.  I think you’ll be impressed. What’s even more impressive is that she made all of the earrings in each of these pictures.

Let’s Get to Know Alicia A Little Better:

Alicia has been natural since December 20,2003. Even though it’s been several years she is still getting to know her hair, still learning what works and what doesn’t, and she is still getting used to the stares that she gets. She’s also uncertain of her hair texture but adds that it is definitely multi-textured.

After the halfway chop

Alicia follows a simple regimen:
My hair is happy without a TON of products mainly WATER, EVOO, a few other things. My favorite product line right now is TRESEMME. Ooh lala! [lol] So here are the basics of my regimen:

  • I try keep my hair protected (including wearing a bonnet at night) and not braid or twist it too tight even if you’re not wearing extensions.
  • I shampoo plaited in sections making sure I’m rinsing well and conditioning afterwards.
  • Then sometimes, depending on whether or not I detangled before plaiting, I take the plaits down while my hair is wet, detangle my hair and replait or twist my hair or add water and moisture when needed.
  • I do hot oil treatments when needed with EVOO. 
  • I trim often as I can even if it seems like a lot at the time. I’d rather have short, healthy hair than long, damaged hair. TRIM THOSE ENDS!!! I can’t stress that enough! Your hair will LOVE you for it! Frustrated with a finished style? Trim it if you haven’t already and see if that makes a difference. It has for me many times, not just in the shower. 
  •  It’s good to also use grooming products that stimulate your scalp. I’m learning to NOT abuse it so much with styling tools, but I have found one by Goody that saved me from doing another BC! I detangle my hair with it in the shower. What used to take DAYS [NOT LYING!!] only takes minutes! I wish I found it earlier because I did a halfway chop a few months ago (for other reasons aside from my frustration).
  •  I try to remember to do scalp massages as much as possible.
  • I can’t forget to let the fro be FREE every now and then (if you usually don’t or if you went awhile without being FREE. Even if you NEVER have…just TRY it.. You’ll thank me later! [lol])

Alicia’s Favorite Styles:

My favorite styles are chunky twist-out fros, frohawks [I still need to find a braider for the sides tho], twists, I’ve even done a pompadour BEFORE janelle monae! Not knockin my gurh tho…

Alicia’s Tips for Naturals:
Just be YOURSELF. It’s cool to get advice from other naturals even be inspired, I’m inspired by a lot of sisSTARS to stay natural, but please don’t think you’re less than if you’re hair isn’t a certain texture or length or if a certain style didn’t work for you. Find what does and WORK THAT, BOO! *snap snap* [lol] Please be patient. Don’t go color/heat/product/over-styling crazy. It’s OK to wear hair pieces! I do! With age comes wisdom! lol No sense in stressing over a style if you have to make a quick run or just need a break and TOSS that hairpiece on hunnie!!

How Alicia Became Herflyness:
My intentions were to NOT do hair vids, just what I like to do. I was just bored and decided to post a quick regimen of what I do before I go somewhere: makeup, hair, sing a lil song..and that was all she wrote. Hopefully, I’ll have more vids to post soon..especially with my music and fashion. I want to get a better cam or something so I can do better/more vids. I would do so many more if I was better equipped.

Find her on Facebook: HERE
Find her on Twitter: @yaGURL_vFLY
Visit her store: HERE
Find her on YouTube: HERE

Interview with Recording Artist Choklate

16 Jul



I have been into Choklate’s music since a friend played the song “Waitin” for me.    The lyrics, the music, her voice.  I loved all of it.  I have enjoyed every song I have heard of hers since then. I’m honored that she took some time out to answer a few questions.  She’s a musician, but I wanted to ask her about more than her music.  I wanted to know more about her as a person.  I hope you enjoy!   

Background~Choklate’s had the opportunity to work with and share the stage with performers such as Dwele, Raheem DeVaughn, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Erykah Badu, Res, Nikka Costa, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Roy Ayers, Bilal and a host of others. She released her self titled debut independent record in 2006, and her sophomore independent album “To Whom It May Concern” in 2009.  Both albums received rave reviews from listeners:   

  • “Soul is Alive and well”
  • “She is a true musician who expresses positivity through this album”
  • “I strongly suggest this album for anyone who wants to hear something original”
  • “This is the best album I’ve heard in all of 2009”

Choklate on Hair:   

NR:       Hair philosophy?   

C:            Hair is one of the most unmistakable forms of personal expression. Have fun.   

NR:       What products do you use?   

C:            Whatever the style I’m rockin requires. Olive Oil Spray for my blow outs and sew ins, Parnevue, plain ‘ol extra virgin olive oil heated in the microwave. I don’t use much honestly. Sometimes I’ll need a good drug store moose or the holding spray in the pink spray bottle…can’t remember the name of it. Hot oil treatments etc .   

NR:       Who is your hair inspiration?   

C:            I sort of take inspiration from whoever is rockin a fierce coiffe w/ confidence and one that compliments and looks good on them. I do totally love big hair tho.   

NR:       What is an adjective you use to describe your hair?   

C:            Wild and fun, or sexy and fun or regal and fun…always fun tho.   

Choklate on Skin:   

NR:       What is your skincare regimen?-   

C:            Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate.   

NR:        What treatments do you do for your skin to pamper yourself?   

C:            Milk baths, scrubs, seaweed wraps, massages, sugaring, etc.   

Choklate on Choklate:   

NR:       What’s the most unique thing about you?   

C:            I don’t know really…I’m me so it’s not unique to me, it’s just me…but if I could pick anything unique I would say the fact that I’m a homebody or that I like to ride horses or that I dig hiking but millions of people like those things so that’s not so unique…I dunno, you’d have to tell me.   

NR:       What do you do to relieve stress?   

C:            Pray. Meditate. Workout. Hike. Read. Run. Stuff like that.   

NR:        What is your favorite type of accessory?   

C:            Earrings and rings. Big ones. Gaudy almost. I call them statement pieces.   

NR:        If you had one selfish wish, what would it be?   

C:            That I could make all the money in the world and never really have any expenses. That I could give and receive without truly counting.   

NR:       Where do you find inspiration for your music?   

C:            In everyday situations and conversations with everyday people. Literally.   

NR:        Do you have a song of yours that is your favorite?   

C:            Naw…that’s like a mother picking a favorite child. They’re all my faves.   

NR:       What do you have coming up?   

C:            A world tour late fall and a helluva lotta music dropping in the coming year.   


*To Whom It May Concern*

*Visit these fine online retailers for your copy:*
www.amazon.com | www.bestbuy.com | www.target.com | www.fye.com | www.borders.com www.dustygroove.com | www.fatbeats.comwww.cduniverse.com | www.itunes.com
*Choklate Music*
www.facebook.com/Choklate Moore

Interview: Swarthy Daisy

8 Jul

“It’s Natural to be Natural!  Think about it!”  That is the hair philosophy of the Owner of Swarthy Daisy.  That philosophy fits for her because she’s been natural for 30 years.  She maintains her hair with a low maintenance regimen that involves saturating her hair in coconut oil after each wash.  Read below to find out more:

The Hair and Skin Stuff:

NR: What products do you use?

SD: Coconut oil, Almond oil, and Taliah Waajid’s Lock it up hair gel.

NR: Who is your natural inspiration? 

SD: The old Lauryn Hill

NR: What is an adjective you use to describe your hair? 

SD: Coily (if that’s a word), Cottony, and Free!

NR: What advice would you give to the newly natural?

SD: Hang in there! Do not turn back and use a perm as a fall back.  Make sure to get natural products from the health food store.  Do a lot of online research.  Good rule of thumb:  Don’t put anything on your hair that you can’t put into your mouth!  Organic (or as close to organic) products are best!

NR: What is your favorite thing about your hair?

SD: The versatility! I don’t have to fear walking out in the rain, non needing to take a bunch of tools on vacation with me to style my hair, the fact that I can wear it super short and still look fly!

NR:  What is your skincare regimen?

SD: I am currently using products from Zuresh.  I use:  Facial Cleanser, Facial Antioxidant moisturizer, and toner.  I wash my face in the a.m. and p.m.  Every morning I make sure to cleanse my face and neck with the cleanser and follow it up with the moisturizer (it has natural sunscreen in it).   At night I cleanse my face, tone, then moisturize with Jojoba oil. 

Let’s Learn More About Swarthy Daisy the Person:

NR: What’s the most unique thing about you?

SD: I am very outgoing.  I enjoy going to concerts, health seminars, and blogging events.  I love taking to and exchanging ideas with other natural people! 

NR: What do you do to relieve stress?

SD: Listen to music, read blogs/twitter, clean up my house, and spend time with my man!

NR: What is your favorite type of accessory? 

SD: Big earrings and hats!

Now that you know more about the owner, find out more about her business.  Swarthy Daisy sells clothing, bags, and buttons; and will be sponsoring an upcoming giveaway on NaturalReview.  Look forward to that! Check out the links below:

Blog:  www.swarthydaisy.com

Online Store:  www.swarthydaisy.etsy.com

Twitter:  @SwarthyDaisy

Facebook:  Swarthy Daisy

Hair online:  www.fotki.com/osocristie