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Les Twins:Fros and Dancing!

8 Jan

I have always enjoyed watching people dance. Maybe it’s because I can’t. My new favorite dance duo is Les Twins. They are twin brothers from France. The first thing I noticed was the hair. I love their hair! Then they started dancing, and I was even more impressed. There are some videos below so that you can see for yourself.


Featured Natural: Chris

19 Nov

Chris writes:

As far as growing my hair out, I always loved big curly, crazy hair…think Kelis and Lenny Kravitz

For my regimen every Sunday  I give myself a olive/coconut hot oil treatment followed by a shampoo or two with black soap..I use Giovani triple tea tree treat conditioner for the rinse and rose water aloe vera gel spritz for the leave in…I start the week off with two strand twist and I use homemade pomade for that (Shea butter..almond oil..olive oil aloe Vera gel whipped together with lavender and orange essential oils)…like weds or thurs I take the twist out and rock the curls until my next shampoo and the process repeats.

Thanks for sharing, Chris. If you would like to be featured, please email me at naturalbyl@gmail.com.

Maintaining Two Strand Twists

31 Oct

In this video, AfrikanHairGod shows how he maintains this protective hair style. Check out some of his other videos on his channel.

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Beaded Flat Twist Tutorial

28 Oct

This video from AfrikanHairGod adds a little to the regular flat twists. Check out his other videos on YouTube as well.

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64dreadhead Shares His Locstory

16 Sep

64dreadhead started his locs from comb twists on October 2, 2003. The photos below will show you that he has come a long way in that 7 years.  He has beautiful hair. He also shares his regimen and great healthy haircare tips. Enjoy!

The beginning

9 months

1 1/2 years 

3 1/2 years

5 years

5 1/2 years

Late Spring

Hair Regimen

For the first few years, I only used Organic Root Stimulator Loc & Twist Gel. However, as my locs matured I had to try different products to help in the maintenance of longer locs. I have tried many products, but my top contenders are Taliah Waajid and Jamaican Mango & Lime. I recently began using a new line a month ago called Koils by Nature;so far so good. Koils by Nature uses all natural ingredients and smells wonderful. I am attempting to switch over to more organic, all natural products.

My hair regimen varies throughout the year. In the summer months, I wash and twist my hair every two to three weeks because of sweat and outside elements that trap smells in locs. I also use an apple cider vinegar based rinse during the summer months to help break down and remove any build up collected. During fall, winter, and spring I wash and twist my hair every four to six weeks. I also condition and moisturize my hair more often during these months.

 I have been maintaining my locs since year one. I let someone else start my comb twist, but after my hair started to loc; it was all on me! I am very particular with my appearance. I know what I want, so I need to be who does it. I have gone to a professional on a few occasions, BUT was unimpressed. I felt that for the price that professionals charge I should leave the chair happy not content. I received more compliments when I styled/maintained my own locs.

Advice for Naturals or People Considering Being Natural

  • I would advise for individuals to try different product lines throughout their locstory to see which products line works best for their hair.
  • Increase your vegetable and fruit intake. This aids in healthier and quicker hair growth. I have been a vegetarian for 14 months now and can tell the difference in my hair growth. I am not saying everyone should become vegetarian, but eat your vegetables! LOL.
  • It is important to trim/clip your ends.
  • Aloe Vera, Sheat Butter, Coconut Oils are our friends! Good for maintenance and moisturizing. You can find a variety of natural shampoos, conditioners, etc. at places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods or any other oraganic/natural stores in your area.
  • Going natural is a process…a state of mind…a lifestyle. People who are thinking of starting/just started locs always tell me “I can’t wait until my locs look like yours.” Your locs will NEVER look like anyone else’s. You have to be patient in allowing your locs to form their own personality. Being natural gives you more freedom with your appearance. I would encourage anyone to go natural. Just remember to research, be patient, and create your own freedom.

Thanks for sharing your story, 64dreadhead! For anyone else who wants to share theirs, please contact me at naturalbyl@gmail.com.