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Stylish Blogger Award

6 Apr
Big thank you to Onyx Rose Online for giving me the “Stylish Blogger Award!” Please check out her blog. She has so many interesting articles.
To accept the award, you must follow these rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

7 Things:
  1. My birthday is in August.
  2. I’m 30 years old.
  3. I can’t listen to people with British accents talk for too long without using one myself.
  4. I’m a nerd.
  5. My favorite beverage is lemonade.
  6. I love Scattergories.
  7. Most of the people I know in real life don’t know that I have a blog.

I am presenting this award to:

Derby City Naturals

Nappy Headed Black Girl

Natural Nina

Paige the Blogger

The Sistah Chick


Roots of Blackness


Natural Expression

Random Dynamic Universe

DIY Hair Care Blog

Free Your Heart


Naps. Kinks. Love

Swarthy Daisy


Link: How to Take Pictures of Your Hair

2 Nov

If you would like to keep track of your hair’s progress through photos, you need to take a look at Nappy Headed Black Girl’s post “How to Take Pictures of Your Hair”. I haven’t seen anyone else tackle this issue, and she gives some great tips. She also shows her own photos as examples. Click HERE to read it. While you are there, take a look at some of her other posts. She is very funny. There is also a link to her blog on the sidebar.

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LINK: Caring For Natural Hair in Sections

18 Oct

Paige the Blogger did a great post on detangling natural hair in sections. Click HERE to visit her blog to read it. You can also use the link to her site on the sidebar.

If you would like to share how you detangle your hair, please send it to naturalbyl@gmail.com.

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Natural Blog: Au Naturale

13 Sep

Zainab1, the creator of Au Naturale writes:

I would say my blog is a cross between educational & informative.  Talking about natural hair care, as well as experimenting with hair products both homemade and store brought.  Along the way sharing my personal hair journey. Learning the likes and dislikes of natural hair.( for myself there are very few if any dislikes)
Here, at AuNaturale we celebrate all that is natural and all and any types of natural hair.  Especially the big , full natural hair and paying tribute to that every single day.  AuNaturale is also about the beauty and confidence that comes with being a natural haired women.
When, viewers visit AuNaturale My wish for them is to leave feeling that their visit was worth while, that they’ve gained something while visiting.  Be it inspiration from one or two of the many photo’s of natural haired beauty’s featured, a post, a recipe, product review or tips and ideas, whatever it is just feel …..inspired !

Au Naturale is very informative and interesting.  It’s become one of the blogs that I visit regularly.  She covers so many different topics and offers great recipes.  If you liked that Herbal Spritz recipe that was posted on NaturalReview, that came from Zainab1.  Visit the site by clicking the link on the sidebar under “Great Sites”.

Also, I want to give a special thanks to Zainab1 for being a regular visitor and commenter on this blog. Thank you!!

Great Blog:Nappy Style

19 Aug

I asked the creator of Nappy Style to share her motivation for creating her blog. She writes:

I began doing the blog because I wanted to created a place where natural hair women could go and check other people’s blogs for all things related to natural hair. It has evolved into other things such as showcasing natural hair women who just so happened to be writers. I’m also interested in promoting style and great throwback pictures that influence our styles now.

I love that this site has such a variety of posts and awesome features.  Visit the site:HERE