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Tanieka’s Natural Styles

8 Nov

Tanieka has been natural for 4 years. These are a few hair styles she has worn. Her favorite is the curly style which was achieved using medium sized rods.

Thanks for sharing, Tanieka. If you would like to share photos, please send them to naturalbyl@gmail.com.


10 Styles for Your TWA

19 Oct

Check out Inthetikilounge’s video on styling a TWA. Make sure to take a look at her YouTube channel.

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Meet Robbin of Napfrocurlzgirl

20 Aug

Robbin's Wash and Go

You may remember Robbin from a previous post, Favorite Natural Hairstyles:HERE . Now, find out more about her hair and her new blog.

My blog, still a baby, is Napfrocurlzgirl. It focuses on my natural hair journey as I try to work with my natural tresses in lieu of the hot comb and curling iron. I also will feature my homemade hair concoctions, images of my hair style attempts and favorite natural hair styles, and what I’m up to during my hair journey.

 I started a blog because I’ve always hated taking pictures, but wanted a way to track my hair progression. And, I wanted a hair blog because I don’t see too much information for women with my kind of hair. I’m still not sure what type it is, but I have three different textures in my head so all of the styling tips, products, etc. don’t always work quite the same for me. I’m hoping this helps other women with similar issues.

Dry Twist Out

Robin says-“It is close to the look I want but I don’t have the length yet that I’m seeking”

Hot Mess-According to Robbin

Robbin says- “I didn’t like it, but I got compliments all day”

Twist Out

Visit Robbin’s blog: HERE

Send Pictures of You with Your Favorite Natural Style

11 Aug

The puff.  It’s my favorite.  It’s easy.  It’s fast.  It can be a curly puff or a puffy puff.  A big puff or a small puff.  I love them all.  Send a picture of you with your favorite style to naturalbyl@gmail.com.