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What’s Your Favorite Natural Style?

19 Jun

This is a photo of me with my favorite style…the puff. It’s my favorite because it’s so simple. It can also rescue all of the failed hairstyle attempts. It looks a little different depending on what type of puff it is. Sometimes I wear a stretched out puff. Sometimes I wear a wash and go puff. I like puffs from old twist-outs and braid-outs too.

What are your favorite styles?

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How Did You Fix Some of Your Hair Challenges?

8 Jun

The biggest challenge for me was figuring out what products worked for my hair. I went from relaxed hair to locs. When I cut them off, I had to learn all over again what works for my hair. It was strange because I’d already been natural for five years. I had to figure out how to find products that worked for me without spending a lot of money and trying everything. I got around it by taking advantage of samples, participating in product swaps, attending hairshows where they do demonstrations, and trying products of other naturals. I also tried to pay attention to which ingredients seemed to work, and then I sought out other products with similiar ingredients.

What was your biggest challenge with natural hair? How did you resolve it?

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What Are Your Thoughts on Cowashing?

26 May

I first learned about cowashing from the “Curly Girl Handbook” by Lorraine Massey. At that time I knew it as the no-poo  (no shampoo) method or low-poo method. When I posted a previous question about washing hair, the topic of cowashing came up regularly. Some naturals love cowashing and rave about the results they get from it.  Some said that they never shampoo and cowashing is their primary method of cleaning their hair. Others said that they keep away because it gives them build up or that  it’s not a good way to clean hair. What are your thoughts? Do you cowash? If so, do you cowash exclusively or do you alternate with shampooing?

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Do You Revisit Products That Didn’t Work?

12 May

Fatemah asks:

Ladies, have you tried a product again that didn’t work when your hair was shorter?

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Do You Notice Any Difference In the People Who Are Attracted to You With Your Natural Hair?

14 Apr

A topic that comes up pretty often is natural hair and dating. Some say they get less attention with it, some say more, and some say that it’s the same either way. The amount of attention is one thing, but I’m also interested in who the attention is coming from. Since you’ve been natural, do you notice any difference in the people who are attracted to you? 

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