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Twisted Bun Protective Style

17 May

Shivawn/sdestiny12 shares her video “My Natural Journey # 25 ~ Protective Style by way of MsVCharles”


Retro Natural Hair Bun Tutorial

23 Mar

Downinmn shows us how to do her retro natural hair bun. Check out some of her other videos on her channel.

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SimplYounique’s Flat Twist Protective Style Tutorial

18 Feb

SimplYounique shows how to do a flat twist protective style. This is a beautiful hairstyle. She always makes them look so easy to do. Watch the video and learn how to give this one a try. Also, take a look at some of the other videos on her channel.

Two Strand Twists and Ways to Style Them

8 Jan

The first video is Hairmania3000’s two strand twist tutorial. The next video shows different hair styles you can do with them to add some variety. I like that the styles are pretty easy to do. This is a great way to stretch out a protective style without getting bored with it.

If you have a style tutorial (video or written) that you’d like to share, please send it to me at naturalbyl@gmail.com.

Protective Style: Kinky Twist Tutorial

12 Nov

Hairmania3000 shows how she does her kinky twists. She also shows the type of hair that she used for the style. Check out the video and the others on her channel.

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4 Natural Styles for Children

10 Nov

These four videos come  from Hairmania3000 showing a few creative natural hair styles for young girls Check them out, and visit her channel to see some of her other videos.

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3 Styles for Yarn Braids or Locs

6 Nov

These three videos all come from Cjanaew. She did these styles with yarn braids, but they could also work for someone who has locs. Take a look.

If you have a style tutorial tha tyou would like to share, send it to me at naturalbyl@gmail.com

Mini Twists Updo Tutorial

3 Nov

Mini twist updo from Cjanaew. Check out her other videos.

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Maintaining Two Strand Twists

31 Oct

In this video, AfrikanHairGod shows how he maintains this protective hair style. Check out some of his other videos on his channel.

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Fauxhawk with Flat Twists Tutorial

4 Oct

This is another video from Keke52284. Check out the other videos on her YouTube channel.