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Natural Hair Report Card: Top 10 Shampoos

29 Dec

From September 2010-November 2010, I conducted a natural hair survey to find out what products are working for naturals. There were over 300 participants. I have compiled a list of the top ten picks in each category (Conditioners, Leave-in conditioners, Shampoos, Product lines, Moisturizers, Places to buy products, and Hair tools). Thanks to everyone who participated. If you didn’t participate this year, I hope you will participate in the Natural Hair Report Card for 2011.

Top 10 Shampoos:

10. Kinky Curly

(Come Clean)

9. Creme of Nature

8. African Black Soap

(In bar form and liquid form)

7. Giovanni

6. Herbal Essences

5. Trader Joe’s

(Nourish Spa)

4. Suave

3. Carol’s Daughter

(Tui Herbal Shampoo)

2. Dr. Bronner’s

(Primarily diluted Peppermint Liquid Castile Soap)


1. Shea Moisture

There were several people who responded that they don’t use shampoo. Some of the others responded that they didn’t have a favorite because all shampoos seem to work the same way on their hair.

I haven’t tried most of the items on this list. I am working on my own black soap shampoo right now. Just trying to get the right mixture. Which of these shampoos have you used? What were your results?

Click HERE for the complete summary of the survey.

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10 Under $10 #2

13 Dec

 This is the second installment of 10 Under $10. Check out the first one if you haven’t seen it yet. This list gives a variety of hair products that cost less than $10.

1. Black Earth Curly Curl Cream (6oz. for $7.99)

Curl definers can be very expensive, this one is under $10. The best part is that it is good too. Read my review of it HERE .

2. Aloe Vera Gel (Under $5)

This serves lots of purposes. It can be used for skin and hair. I use it to lay down my edges. Derby City Naturals also shared with me that she used it as a shaving gel, and it worked great for that purpose. Here’s what she had to say: I was going to shave under my arms when I realized that I was out of shave gel. I had heard before that you can use conditioner but mine wasn’t in the shower so I grabbed my aloe gel because it was close enough to reach without getting out of the tub (lol, lazy I know). Anyway I wanted to say that it worked better than shave gel! The aloe provided great slip, rinsed clean with no residue and left my skin soft. The best thing is its been two days and no razor bumps (I always get them). Needless to say the miracle aloe plant has come thru once again and I will no longer be purchasing shave gel!” I love an inexpensive multipurpose product.

3. Suave Naturals (under $2)

This is a good cowashing conditioner as well. I think Suave conditioners are sometimes underrated because they are so inexpensive.

4. Aussie Moist Shampoo for Dry/Damaged Hair about ($4)

I keep hearing rave reviews about this regarding dry hair. It’s getting colder now, and this might be a good time to give this one a try.

5. Heritage Products Rose Petal Rosewater ($6)

This makes a great spritz for hair. It can also be an ingredient in homemade hair concoctions. It can also be used on your skin.

6.  Yes to Cucumbers Conditioner( 16.9 oz $8.99)

Great conditioner! This worked so well for my hair. See my review of it HERE

7. Vo5 Conditioner (under $2)

Good lightweight conditioner. I like this for cowashing and for rinsing henna treatments.

8. Vatika Hair Oil (under $5 for the small size and under $8 for the larger size)

This coconut oil is enriched with lemon, henna, and amla. I use it in the same way that I use my regular coconut oil.

9. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie ($9.99)

This is a great moisturizer. Read my review HERE

10. Jojoba Oil (40z for $7)

This oil is good for a lot of uses. I use it as a hot oil treatment, pre poo, skincare, and as an ingredient in homemade skin and hair mixes.

If you know of any products that should appear in the next 10 under $10, please leave it in the comments section. Thank you.

Product Review: Yes to Cucumbers Shampoo and Conditioner

12 Dec

After I tried the Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner, I was interested to try the Yes to Cucumbers set. Both were $8.99 from Target for 16.9oz bottles. This set was meant for color-treated hair, but I recommend it for anyone who is experiencing dryness. Both products are free of petroleum, sodium laureth sulfate, and parabens.

Color Care Shampoo

Deacription from botttle:It’s true, gorgeous color treated hair needs a little extra coaxing. So, Yes To Cucumbers Daily Makeover Shampoo is there for you, cleansing, hydrating and adding that extra brilliant shine to your new shade…and most importantly protecting that hard-earned color! How? With Centaurea Extract, a powerful ingredient that protects color-treated hair. Why? Because you’re color is cool – as cool as a cucumber! *wink, wink*

5 Things I Like:

  1. 99.6% natural. Ingredients include organic cucumbers, centaurea extract, aloe vera, olive fruit oil, sweet alonda oil, jojoba seed oil, and green tea extract
  2. Didn’t make my hair feel dried out
  3. Nice fresh smell
  4. I didn’t need much to get my hair clean
  5. Available at Target stores all over. It can also be ordered online.

Color Care Conditioner

Description from bottle: Meeting friends in life is bound to happen; meeting a new BEST friend is a rarity. Let us introduce you to what is sure to be one of your new BFFs, Yes To Cucumbers Daily Makeover Conditioner. Specially formulated, protects your color treated it locks in moisture and adds brilliance, protecting your color-treated hair. It’s the coolest new thing you’ve come across, and is dedicated to making you feel good! Better break out a new friendship bracelet!

5 Things I like:

  1. 99.6% natural. Ingredients include organic cucumbers, cenaurea extract, green tea, sweet almond oil, olive fruit oil, aloe vera, jojoba seed oil
  2. Left my hair feeling moisturized without any product
  3. Nice and creamy texture
  4. Nice fresh smell
  5. Great for cowashing

I liked the Yes to Carrots, but I liked this even more. I will definitely continue to use these products.  I ended up giving my first set to my mother (who has color-treated relaxed hair), and she loved it too. Even my 16 year old nephew loved it. He let me know how great his hair felt after using it. This one was a crowd pleaser. They also have a leave-in conditioner with this line. I will try that next.

Product Review: Yes to Carrots Shampoo and Conditioner

11 Sep

I’ve been using Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now because I wanted to be able to give an accurate assessment of how I feel about them. I purchased both from Target for $7.99 each for 16.9 oz bottles.

Yes to Carrots Nourishing Shampoo

The description on the fronts says:

Yes to organic carrots that give your locks some Beta-Carotene lovin’ and Yes to Dead Sea minerals that nourish and detoxify.

5 Things I like:

  1. You only need a small amount to get a good lather going.  My usual shampoo is less expensive, but I do see that this would last awhile.  I’ve used it several times, and the bottle is still mostly full.
  2. My hair felt clean without feeling quite as dry as it can be after some other shampoos.
  3. It is 99.4% natural
  4. It is easy to find because there are lots of Targets around.
  5. It works well in combination with the conditioner.

Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner

The description on the front says:

Yes to organic carrots for a hefty dose of Beta-Carotene and Yes to Dead Sea minerals for an all-you-can-absorb vitamin buffet.

5 Things I like:

  1. It worked well and left my hair feeling moisturized.
  2. It is 99.8% natural.
  3. It works well as a cowash conditioner.
  4. It is thick and creamy.
  5. It is sold at Targets everywhere so it’s easy to find.

If you have a product review that you would like to share, please send them to naturalbyl@gmail.com

This pair worked well for me.  I have read other reviews, and some users were not pleased with the smell.  They thought it smelled like baby powder.  The smell didn’t bother me.  It wasn’t wonderful, but it’s not bad either. Also, if you don’t like much suds, you may not like the shampoo.  As I mentioned further up, I use a small amount because it is very sudsy.

Product Review: Beauty & Glory by Tarece

10 Aug

I recently tried a new line of natural products from Beauty & Glory by Tarece. I tried four items:

1. Sweed’s Strengthening Shampoo & Body Wash $14.99

What I liked:

  • The first thing that I noticed were the great ingredients. Some of the ingredients include aloe juice, organic chamomile, shea oil, vitamin C, orange essential oil, vitamin E, organic kelp, vegetable glycerin, sea salt, and organic calendula. It is sulfate and paraben free
  • The shampoo has a light orange scent that I like
  • I did not have to use much to shampoo my hair, and I have a lot of hair
  • It cleansed my hair without being harsh

2. Cordell’s Curing Conditioner $14.99

What I liked:

  • Again, great ingredients including organic aloe juice, organic lavender, organic roman chamomile, castor seed oil, kosher vegetable glycerin, rosehip seed oil, coconut oul, black willow bark extract, and orange essential oil
  • Also has a light orange scent
  • Nice creamy texture
  • Left my hair feeling very moisturized

What I didn’t Like:

  • At $14.99, I wouldn’t use this as a cowash conditioner

3. Sha’s Shea Moisturizer $19.99

What I liked:

  • Ingredients, including: Organic aloe juice, shea butter, kosher vegetable glycerin, jojoba oilm and organge essential oil
  • Creamy texture.  Shea butter is usually too heavy for me, but this works for me
  • My best friend really liked this too.  She wears a low cut and washes her hair often.  This helped to add some moisture to her hair.  The container says use it on wet or dry hair.  She preferred using it on her dry hair.
  • Scent

4. Sunshine Oil 14.99

What I liked:

  • Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, orange esssential oil, jojoba oil, wheate germ oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, and natural fragrance
  • Scent
  • It can be used on body or hair
  • Gave my hair a nice sheen

Overall, I was very happy with the results.  I was a little skeptical at first because I have not had much success with natural shampoos and conditioners.  In the past, I’ve been excited about the ingredients but disappointed in the results.  I was pleasantly surprised by the results I had with these products. 

All of these items can be purchased from Beauty& Glory by Tarece:HERE

I found out about this product through Atlanta Natural Hair Care. Visit this site: HERE . There is also a link on the sidebar.

Many Uses of Liquid Castile Soap

28 Jun

Castile Soap can be used for many different purposes.  Here are a few:

1. Shower/Bath- it is great for people with sensitive skin because it does not have the chemicals in it that are in other types of soap.  There is also a baby mild kind especially made for the little ones.

2. Shampoo- For hair, I like to use the lavender, tea tree, and peppermint castile soaps.  There is also original, citrus, and almond.  There may be others that I haven’t seen.

3. Great for camping because of it’s many uses, and it is safe for the environment

4. It can be used for cleaning around the house including for dishes and laundry. 

5. It’s also a great ingredient to have for many homemade natural creations.  I have used it to make my own shampoo and salt scrubs.

TIP-Castile soap should be diluted for most purposes.

Do you use castile soap?  If so, leave a comment with some of the ways you have used it.  It could give someone else an idea.