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TWA Bantu Knot Out Results

26 Jun

SimplYounique shows her results doing a bantu knot out on short natural hair. Check out some of her other videos on her channel as well.

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Malinda Williams on the Cover of Denim Magazine with Natural Hair

23 Jun

Malinda Williams will be the first person on the cover of new magazine, Denim. Here are a few of her photos that will appear in the magazine. I love natural hair on her.

Tips for the New Natural

8 Feb

Here are a few tips I would give to the new natural:

  1. Don’t compare your hair to anyone else’s. If you are doing that, you aren’t taking the time to appreciate what’s great about your own hair.
  2.  Stop saying “I can’t wait until my hair is longer”. Just enjoy this stage for what it is and appreciate it.Focus on health instead of length. If you take care of your hair, growth will come. Keep it healthy!
  3. Find a simple regimen that works for you. You don’t have to try EVERY product.
  4. Do your own research and find out what is best for your hair.
  5. Moisturize your hair. Just because it’s short doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take care of it.

I asked my Facebook and Twitter friends “What Tips Would You Give to Someone Who Just Did the Big Chop?”. Here are the responses:

  • nappturalguru-dye the hair and keep rocking it,and put braids for months to keep it growing undisturbed!!
  • sweeternadiah-enjoy getting to know your curls and coils
  • EssBreezyBaby– Scarves used as headbands can be gorgeous
  • newnaturally – don’t panic at the first sign of a bad hair day. They pass. Natural bhds are not as bad as straight bhds imho
  • GodsNaturalDiva– Learn ur hair!!!! DON’T hide under a wig!
  • deLISHtv- To Embrace Themselves.
  • Cali_B -patience & learn THEIR hair, avoid PJism LOL!
  • QueenDari- moisture is key! And co-washing helped a lot.
  • onyxxrose– Research! Experiment, be confident & own it.
  • jayjona82 – Dont believe the hype use whhat works for you
  • C.D.- be patient…
  • S.G.- Just know that every product/style may not work as well for u as it does for someone else, but u will discover what’s best for u.
  • A.W.- Yes, be patient, and don’t compare your hair type/length to anyone else’s 🙂
  • T.P.- No petroleum and do not comb unless wet.
  • C.G.- Moisture and patience 🙂
  • C.H.- Don’t let other people tell you what is best for your hair. Research and experimenting will let you know what’s best.
  • T.S.G.-Don’t hide (wig, weave, braids etc.) your hair for at least 3 months. Wear it out and LEARN it. If you keep hiding it, you will never learn how to manage it and what products/tools work best for your texture. The earlier you learn, the better the experience as you progress. :~)

Check back for the next TWA post that will include tips on keeping it healthy and style ideas.

10 Styles for Your TWA

19 Oct

Check out Inthetikilounge’s video on styling a TWA. Make sure to take a look at her YouTube channel.

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Fauxhawk with Flat Twists Tutorial

4 Oct

This is another video from Keke52284. Check out the other videos on her YouTube channel.

TWA Special Occasion Looks

8 Sep

There are many simple and inexpensive ways to style/accessorize a TWA(Teeny Weeny Afro) for a special occasion. I asked this question online, and the most common responses involved accessorizing. 

Here are some of the responses:

  • I got corn rows on the sides and the rest coil twisted, the day before. The day of the event I gently untwisted them and added a decorative barrette to each side to match my jewelry.
  • Head bands with jewels or headband with bling
  • I moisturize it really good, and use a nice headband, or piece of hair jewelry. I really love the feathered headbands for special occasions
  • I like to use flowers

One of the ladies mentioned feathered headbands. Check out The Fascinator by Bluju Creations (You can view a post on Bluju Creations HERE ). These are handmade and come in different colors.

If you are looking for hair accessories under $10, Forever 21 is a good place to look.  These photos came from their online shop:

TWA Pics:





Please add in the comments section any additional ideas for styling a TWA for special occassions. Thanks to Netra, Jeralyn, and Katherine for sending in your photos! Thanks to the ladies who left styling ideas!

If you have photos, tips, or styles that you would like to show on NaturalReview, please send them to me at naturalbyl@gmail.com.


Twist Out Puff Tutorial

27 Aug

Keke52284 does a twist out puff on a TWA. Don’t forget to check out other videos on her YouTube channel.

Defining Curls Tutorial from Keke52284

29 Jun

Here is another video from Keke52284.  Defining curls is a topic that comes up a lot.  This video shows how to do that with Eco Styler gel. Watch and enjoy!