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Edgy Twist Out Tutorial

8 Aug

SimplYounique offers a tutorial on a twist out hairstyle. Check out some of her other videos as well.



Dry Twistout Tutorial

1 May

AfrikanHairGod provides a tutorial on how to do a dry chunky twist-out.

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Twist Out/ Flat Twist Puff from AfrikanHairGod

4 Mar

AfrikanHairGod does lots of cute hairstyles. I love this one. He combines a twist-out with a few flat  twists. Check out the video to learn how to do this style. Watch some of his other videos on his channel.

If you have a style tutorial tht you’d like to share, send them to naturalbyl@gmail.com.

Twist-Out with Curled Ends Tutorial

26 Jan

This tutorial is from Hairmania3000. If you need a change from your regular twist-outs, give this one  a try. She does the style on blowdried hair. Watch the end to see how she maintains the style.

Style Spotlight: Twist-Out

2 Nov

Products used: Organic Root Stimulator Twist and Lock Cream

Products used: Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding

Products used: Cooling Twist and Lock gel and Organics Shea Butter Plus Moisturizer

A video from Keke52284 showing her twist-out on a TWA:

The SistahChick shows how she did her dry twist-out in this video:

Jae’s Twist Out Method

2 Jul

1. Start with freshly conditioner washed hair (I use Silicon Mix and Suave Almond and Shea Butter conditioner) and add a little Cantu shea butter leave in conditioner after rinsing (apply to hair after you’ve squeezed out the water…I don’t towel dry, the rubbing feels like it just breaks my hair off so i just squeeeeeze the water out)

2. THEN, I part down the middle and secure one side

3. I twist 8 on each side and I start in the back

4. Apply Elasta QP mango butter to each section and brush for smoothness (be careful brushing, never yank, be gentle) 

5.  Then I just twist and apply a mix of shea butter/coconut oil/conditioner to the ends to seal.

6. Repeat until twists are done, air dry 

7.  Unravel and fluff!

8. Now, when I want to twist again the next night…I just spritz my hair with a glycerin/water mix and i add the mango butter to the ends and repeat the same steps!!!