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Plopping Natural Hair

27 Oct

In these two videos, Curlychronicles shows how to plop your hair. With the weather getting colder, this is a good technique for those who still want to wear a wash and go. Don’t forget to stop by her channel to view some of her other videos.

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Carolyn’s Wash and Go

18 Sep

Carolyn’s Wash and Go routine:

My wet hair…cleansed using Hello Hydration; deep condition; moisturizing spray made with Aloe Vera juice, distilled water and glycerin; sealed with coconut oil; applied ECO Olive Oil Gel and air dried. I placed the paper bhind the curls so you could see the definition of the different size curls….I need detail like this.

Thanks for sharing, Carolyn! If you would like to share your photos, send them to naturalbyl@gmail.com.

Crystal’s Wash and Go Routine

14 Sep

Crystal writes:

With anything that gives a hard hold, it’s going to shrink the crap out of your hair causing ‘Ye olde Jheri Curl look’ lol. What I’ve been doing is adding first to wet hair and I mean soaking, drenching wet hair – Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner – a 3 finger full and finger comb it through. Then when it’s all over the hair, I rewet again and apply the curly stuff (either one described in the beginning of my blog) and finger comb it through. Afterwards I do my perverbial ‘shake dance’ where I profusely shake my head back and forth, frontwards and backwards (to loosen the coilies of course-this is what elongates my curl so it doesn’t look like a Jheri Curl).  Then I let it air dry. Don’t like walking around your house with drips? Take an old t-shirt and act as if you’re putting it on and flip it over the hair and pat, pat, pat, pat, pat dry.

Hope this helps you curly girlies!

Thanks for sharing, Crystal. If you would like to share photos, tips, recipes, etc…send them to me at naturalbyl@gmail.com.

Product Review:Kinky-Curly Curling Custard

6 Jul


When it’s warm out, I wear a wash and go pretty often.  My favorite product to use for that style is Kinky Curly Curling Custard.  Kinky Curly and I  have been together for about 3 years now.  I cheated on the curling custard with a few other products over the years, but I went running back every time.  None of the other products gave me what Kinky Curly does. 

 Here are my top 5 reasons why I love KCCC:

  1. It’s all natural
  2. I can refresh my hair without fully reapplying
  3. It is great at defining curls
  4. It does not flake
  5. It has a nice smell that is not overpowering

I have purchased it online, but recently I’ve been getting it from Whole Foods. The 16oz container is $30.  They also sell an 8oz for about $16 or $17.   I haven’t tried the Knot Today for some reason.  The last time I purchased the Curling Custard, Whole Foods didn’t have any of the Knot Today in stock.  I will try again the next time.  I will see how that combo compares to my current combo which is Cantu Shea Butter as a leave in and the KCCC for styling. 

In my opinion, KCCC can work for different hair types.  The thing is, the results will be different from person to person because we all have different curl patterns.  The results will also be different depending on how you apply it.  I like big hair, so I rake it through chunks of hair.  If you prefer a more defined look, rake it through smaller sections of hair.

WARNING: Do not put too much in your hair.  It will be a gummy mess.  You really don’t need a lot to get it to work.  I suggest going on YouTube and looking at a few videos of other naturals applying the product.  That will give you an idea of which technique you want to use.