Lavender Body Scrub Recipe

13 Aug

This is a quick and easy recipe for a lavender body scrub. This one follows the same recipe as the Peppermint Body Scrub . In this one, you switch out the peppermint castile soap for lavender castile soap.

What You Need:

  • Sea Salt- choose the grain size that works best for your skin. The one you see in this photo is fine grain. I also made one that was medium. The smaller the size, the gentler the scrub will be.
  • Lavender Liquid Castile Soap
  • Oil of your choice
  • Clean jar or container

What to Do:

I mixed the castile soap and the salts together first. Then I added the oil. I used jojoba, but you can use a different type. I didn’t measure. I just poured it in small amounts until it was the texture that I wanted. It only took a few minutes to make.

Give this a try. You can always use different types of castile soap to get a different scent.  This scrub will leave your skin hydrated and soft. It’s a great way to treat yourself without spending a lot of money.


August Henna Giveaway

11 Aug

I’m giving away 5 boxes of Jamila Henna. Entering is simple.

How to Enter:

  • Tell how long you’ve been natural in the comment section below

The winners will be selected randomly.

Deadline: August 25th

For henna recipes and tips check out these posts:

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Tips on Changing Henna Color
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Henna for Natural Hair

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Edgy Twist Out Tutorial

8 Aug

SimplYounique offers a tutorial on a twist out hairstyle. Check out some of her other videos as well.


New Natural Hair Magazine~Liberated Strands

2 Aug

There are not enough magazines that celebrate natural hair, but there is now one more. It’s called Liberated Strands, and the first issue was just released. It has great images, articles, and information. Read. Enjoy. Pass it on.

Click HERE to read. Share your thoughts.

Curly Twists and Flat Twists Tutorial

2 Aug

downinmn shares her tutorial for this curly twists style. Take a look at some of the other videos on her channel also. Enjoy!

Book Review: The Science of Black Hair

30 Jul

10 Things I Love About “The Science of Black Hair” by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy

      1. I love that it is set up like a textbook with several color photos, charts, and diagrams throughout the entire book
      2. Very informative
      3. Gives step by step instructions on how to build a hair regimen
      4. This is a resource that you can refer back to for years
      5. The glossary at the end explains several hair-related terms
      6. The interviews throughout the book add a personal touch
      7. It doesn’t just discuss healthy hair practices, it gives information on how to incorporate them
      8. The book is affordable and can be purchased directly from the author’s website (Find link below)
      9. Well written. Covers scientific topics, but makes it understandable for someone without a science background
      10. This book lives up to it’s name. It really is a comprehensive guide to the science of black hair.

Some of the topics covered:

  • The difference between shedding and breakage
  • Protective styling
  • Using heat
  • Understanding pH balance
  • Children’s hair care
  • Lots more

This book is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to know the “why” behind hair practices. She touches on such a wide range of topics and answers so many questions. There are so many lists of ingredients that we should keep away from. On pg. 98, the writer tells us some ingredients that we should look for. Many of us may think that they were harmful because of their scientif names, but she clears up that misconception. It’s also important to note that “The Science of Black Hair” covers both relaxed and natural hair.

To learn more, visit Science of Black Hair website

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How Do You Deal With Negative Comments About Your Hair?

25 Jul

This comment was recently posted on my Questions/Comments page:

Zizi writes:

At work the other day ..some black women starting taunting me about my natural hair. Saying things like I need to get a perm. I felt horrible not because I am ashamed of my hair but because as black women they felt that their perms and weaves made them superior. I was embarrassed for them.

How would you handle this situation?
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Watermelon Granitas Tutorial

24 Jul

Freshtopia shows how to make a great summer treat, watermelon granitas. Take a look.

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SheaMoisture Giveaway Winners!

23 Jul

Thanks to everyone who participated. Here are the winners of both of the SheaMoisture giveaways.  Winners can send mailing information to

Set #1~ Coconut & Hibiscus Collection

(Shampoo, Curl & Style Milk, Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Moisture Mist)

Winner: Roz

Winner of Second Set: Leni

Set #2~ Raw Shea Butter Collection

(Shampoo, Conditioner, Reconstructive Elixir, Deep Treatment Masque)

Winner: AshaNice

Set #3~ Lemongrass & Tea Tree Collections

(Lotion, Shea Butter Soap, Body Scrub)

Winner: Rosemary

Set #4~ Olive Oil & Green Tea Collection

(Bubble Bath, Shea Butter Soap, Body Scrub)

Winner: Denise D.

These products are sold at Targets, and they are now also sold at Walgreens. Check your local stores for them.

Thanks to SheaMoisture for donating these items!

Featured Stylist: April B. (Atlanta)

19 Jul

April writes:

My name is April B. I’m a loctician and natural hair artist. I’m currently working in Atlanta’s  premier luxury salon The Glambar.   I attended the Virginia School of Hair Design and graduated ahead of my class.  I learned valuable information & training there.  During my school years I realized that society implies that we should have chemically processed hair in order to have a certain look or appeal to the masses.  It implies that if “our” hair is straight then we’ll have a better chance of succeeding or getting a promoted within the workplace. I began to get tired of living within those standards.  So I then began to look deep into my soul and realized what makes me; me. I developed a love for natural hair when I became a mother.  Starting when my oldest daughter was just 2 months old, I began to braid her hair.  She had so much of it and I didn’t want it to just sit on the top of her hair.  As she grew, her hair grew, as it grew my skills grew.  That is how I developed my braiding skills and became a braider.

Then I came to the conclusion that I needed a transition in my life, so I decided to cut all of my hair off from shoulder length to nothing almost and began to loc my hair.  From then on it was my mission to keep the world “kinky” as possible “fresh from the roots”.

My goal is to educate every client on the proper up keep of their hair.  Many say that I have a GROWING HAND and it shows.  I love to give consultations to find out more about my client and what their needs are.  Too often one will go to a stylist wanting a particular service not necessarily knowing whether that service is healthy for their hair. I’ve seen too many stylists who do whatever to the patrons head without educating the client.  They’re more concerned about their wallets rather the health of the client. NOT ME!!! If I know that a particular style or process is unhealhthy, I will not do it.  Simply because I know the long term effects that they are unsafe hair practices. I will offer you a suitable solution and options for you to achieve the styling that you want. Something that will compliment your facial features  as well as what will coincide with your personality; making you feel better about you!

Learn more about April B. on her website. See it HERE .